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Katie found a fairy door!

My little Katie is the reason for all of this hard work and dedication.

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I can’t believe how well the first week went! I did have a few handfuls of cashews on the second day (they’re on my no-no list). Otherwise, I have found it very easy to stick to the foods that I feel best on – meats, fats and fruits & veggies -. A couple of cravings have cropped up when I was too hungry, so I made sure to fill up on protein and good fats and the cravings instantly disappeared. I have reached a new level in my relationship with food. I don’t feel deprived at missing out on bread, milk, and baked goods anymore. I’m sure I will have moments of it in the future during stressful times, but it looks like there has been a monumental shift in the psychological aspect of comfort food for me. I enjoy eating this way and feel joyous every time I put another healthy food in my body.

I also began yoga again, and I love it! A new bedtime yoga routine has given me significantly better sleep – even when the sleep is short and/or segmented – and that translates to happier days. I started with this routine about the middle of the week and would also like to experiment with poses to ultimately create my own routine. Friday was my first yoga class in about fifteen years (shhhh! who said that?!) and it was AH-mazing! I never get out of the house on my own, so that was a treat in itself (and a bit of a mom guilt fest). It was candlelight yoga. Mmm, nice and gentle and soothing. Nuh-uh. I sweated and worked my butt off in a hot room for just over an hour…and felt absolutely fantastic and empowered by the time I finished. My body tingled from head to toe and the light under eye circles I had been dealing with were completely gone. Yoga is definitely my secret weapon detox tool right now! I bought a set of twelve classes on Groupon for $24 in January but wasn’t able to use it with the adrenal fatigue kicking my bum. I have until July 11th to take the classes, so I’ll go at least once a week for the next three months. I’m going to try to add some extra sessions in this month if I can fit them in. If not, I’ll be doing most of my yoga practice at home anyway. I plan to stick with three times a week to not overdo it.

I also had my first…enema. If this is a detox challenge, I might as well go whole hog right? I have been reading the most amazing things about coffee enemas and their miracle healing benefits but have been so, well, NO about it. I’ve never felt the need for one, since I don’t have issues, uh, going. Is anyone else uncomfortable with this topic??? Ahem. I finally bit the bullet and gave myself one. I can say that I’m happy I got the first one out of the way. It takes a lot of coordination and figuring out, but I’ve dealt with much more difficult things through this health process than adopting this process. I guess it’s relative just like everything else. Though I don’t care how many times the brochure says it, it will never be fun. F-U-N. Please let my life never get so dull that I find an enema fun. I did find a very nice increase in energy as soon as I was done and it gave me sustained energy through the entire day. Very similar to the ‘good night sleep’ effect of my adrenal support pills but more effective. We took a walk around my old college town of Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan) and searched for fairy doors. It was a perfect day and I felt great. All in all, a very successful week! My adrenals are definitely healing.

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