Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

I was feeling much better today and had good energy, enough to work in the kitchen from 9-4 with only an hour break in the middle for lunch and a rest. I roasted two chickens, made butternut squash soup, carrot, cauliflower, and green pea stoup (stew/soup), a big batch of nettle and rose hips tea for the evening, apple/pear sauce, some other odds and ends that I can’t think of right now and did some of the endless dishes that cooking everything from scratch entails. It was nice to leave the kitchen cleaner than it began after batch cooking. No milk cravings today – thank goodness – but some intense sweet cravings occasionally that made me turn to raisins. I’ll use them to help with the sweet cravings but will eliminate them in a few days. We went to see friends for dinner at their house and that was surprisingly easy. Se our friends are from Italy and made pizza. Italian pizza with homemade crust and cheeses straight from the Italian market. I brought our dinner and, while hubby indulged a bit, I did just fine with what I brought. My only splurge was a small glass of red wine that my in-laws brought. It tasted divine, but I remembered afterward that I think I’m sensitive to the sulfites. I was swollen and my knuckles were quite painful afterward. I don’t think Katie was feeling well stomachwise. She only ate a bite here and there throughout the evening and has had hiccups. A classic food reaction for her. Sigh. As soon as we got home, I went up to bed. I can rarely go to bed before midnight (night owl) so I was excited to think I’d get some extra sleep. I usually feel run down by the weekend and hoped some extra sleep would help my energy level and muscle recovery since I’m still sore and stiff. Well, that about sums it up for day 5. Nothing too interesting. 🙂

Workout: skipped for extra sleep

juice – carrot, radish, cabbage with beet kvass
apple with dip (coconut oil, raw honey, cinnamon, cardamom, and curry powder)
poached chicken thighs
roasted chicken, butternut squash soup, veggies boiled in chicken broth – carrots, cauliflower, green peas
2-3 oz. red wine
*I might have missed something, since I’m updating this the following evening.

Items I was able to tick off the list:
oil pulling
dry brushing
detox bath
fermented cod liver oil/butter oil
herbal teas
bone broth
raw liver pills
coconut oil

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