Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

After an evening chiropractic adjustment, I started feeling achy in all my joints like I was getting the flu. My kidneys then started hurting enough that I took some activated charcoal for the first time to help absorb some toxins. I’m not sure if my decision to not work out and take my detox bath was a good decision so my body could rest of hindered my body in releasing those toxins. I should have probably have taken the bath but definitely skipped the workout.

11/9 update: My kidneys hurt again the next day and my face looked slightly jaundiced, but I skipped the coconut oil, raw liver pills, and workout to slow down the detox and added chlorella with fermented tumeric to help clean my blood and I feel fine this morning.

none (hubby’s last night home before a week long business trip so I skipped it; I also felt pretty awful)

Eats: (all organic)
Tart cherry concentrate and elderberry syrup with enough water to make a juice (cherry and elderberry not organic)
dandelion root tea
local, pastured beef roast with 2 local, pastured scrambled eggs, roasted garlic, cold-pressed olive oil (not organic), celtic sea salt, freshly-cracked black pepper
pomegranate, apple, celery juice
carrot, cauliflower, green pea, hard-boiled egg, and roasted chicken soup with Celtic sea salt
apple with dip – coconut oil & raw local honey with cardamom, cinnamon, curry, and chipotle powders

Items I was able to tick off the list:
oil pulling
dry brushing
detox bath
fermented cod liver oil
[no more butter oil since I have removed dairy from my diet]
herbal teasbone broth – had small amount from cooking veggies but not enough to count
raw liver pills
coconut oil

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