Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

The weekly update isn’t working well for me. I have gotten off track and am not diligent in making sure I get everything that I wanted done. I am still trucking along though and have noticed a difference in how my body looks and I can squeeze less. 😉 The highlights of the week: 1) my increased water consumption – 60-80 oz so far – that has really helped me release the extra water I was retaining and allowed my body to detox further than the other methods were able to. I was apparently missing the foundation. 🙂 2) I am conquering my cravings even during a hormone cycle. I cheated a bit during the earlier part of the week, but yesterday, 11/13, I was craving fast food, Cool Ranch Doritos, Pop Tarts, brownies, blondies, pastries, donuts, and a number of other toxic foods but was able to curb the compulsion to eat them with extra water, an individual size box of raisins, and good healthy REAL FOOD. I’ve managed to form a wonderfully supportive group of friends who make it easier to stay strong. As soon as I acknowledged the cravings publicly, they were no longer overwhelming. That’s new and a very welcome change! Those childhood comfort food cravings can rage out of control until I become a raging bear if I don’t indulge. If I can make it through the PMS cravings and finish out the month strong, I will consider one giant mountain scaled and on the way to conquered!!

I’m going back to daily updates from here on out so I can better keep track of things and monitor my progress.

11/8 – none
11/9 – (-30 breakdance pushups) + 14 burpees
11/10 yoga
11/11 ?
11/12 20 burpees
11/13 6 crawling push ups (had a rest day but made sure I got a little bit in)

CHEATS: quinoa, cashews, cocoa powder, oatmeal, GFCF (no gluten, no dairy) sugar cookies and CF/wheat-free Fig Newmans  

The list of things I would like to incorporate daily during the challenge:
oil pulling
dry brushing
detox bath
fermented cod liver oil [no more butter oil since I have removed dairy from my diet]
herbal teas
bone broth
raw liver pills
coconut oil

Items I missed:

herbal teas
raw liver pills
coconut oil

oil pulling
herbal teas


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