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Flower Essences: 7 All-Natural Remedies for Happier Kids (and Parents)

You’re tired. The remains of this morning’s oatmeal is still in your hair. Your tiniest human is teething, and the others need a nap or three.

We all love our children, but sometimes we could happily sell them to the nice elderly couple down the street for a shower and an hour of silence.

When the day is long and sanity is short, this gentle remedy to help turn even the crankiest kiddo into your favorite one.

Whether your kids are teething, tired, irritable, or dealing with emotional growth, they can put a strain on even the strongest parent.

And yes, it does work on teenagers.

Flower Essences for Emotional Balance

I use flower essences to deal with the more difficult emotional aspects of health that we often neglect both at home and in my practice. Their effectiveness is nothing short of amazing.

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They truly keep us sane.

This gentle remedy comes with no side effects, no contraindications, and many of the essences are even recommended for pets.

7 Remedies for Problem Behaviors

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Aspen (where to buy) – fear of unknown origin

Children who need Aspen suffer from a fearful personality. They can be clingy, unwilling to explore on their own, often feel a sense of doom, or suffer from nightmares or sleep walking.

Beech (where to buy) – intolerant of others

Those with a need for Beech usually suffer from allergies, are intolerant and impatient, have a ‘short fuse’, and are very particular about how things are done.

* This is my most reached for essence with my daughter and I. If we eat allergens, we’re both very short of temper and sensitive to noise. Within 30 minutes of taking it, those symptoms have calmed by 70%. Within 24-26 hours of regular use, the symptoms are gone.

Gentian (where to buy) – give up easily, pessimistic

This flower essence is for children who don’t believe in themselves and have trouble with obstacles due a lack of belief in themselves. This is an important one for children who have trouble learning and get frustrated with their limitations, perceived or real.

Holly (where to buy) – envy/jealousy, rage, hatred, insensitive

Holly is a wonderful essence for children who have trouble accepting a new sibling or those who have closed themselves off due to abuse, emotional, mental, and/or physical.

Mimulus (where to buy) – fear of specific things like dark, heights, strangers; shyness and timidity

Very sensitive and fearful children benefit greatly from mimulus.  It is for those who are uncomfortable with confrontation, get nervous easily, have pronounced fears, and are hypersensitive to outside stimuli.

* This is my husband’s favorite remedy. Until recently, his fear of flying increased every year until it almost crippled him. I had to give him Xanax to get him on a plane, and he still flew white-knuckled.

He would dread trips year-round and panic just seeing a commercial with an airplane in it. Not cool when you have to travel for your job.

Since we started Mimulus, he gets nothing more than butterflies during takeoff and landing. Everything else has disappeared.

Vervain (where to buy) – overhyper, high-strung, strong-willed

Vervain can be helpful for those children who are very focused and enthusiastic about their interests and feel that you need to share their ideals.

They can be very particular about how things are done and will focus all of their energy on it until something else catches their attention. This can cause rebellion when their ideas don’t match your own.

Vine (where to buy) – dominating, inflexible, need to have their way at all costs

Vine children are always right. They can be very domineering without regard to the feelings of others and often show a distinct lack of respect for others who do not live up to their ideals.

Rescue Remedy (where to buy) – Rescue Remedy is the ultimate temper tantrum cure. It is a blend of flower essences specifically designed to deal with acute emotional distress.

Whether your child is dealing with an emotional meltdown or severe illness, Rescue Remedy can help. It’s also one of the top remedies for helping the body to cope with broken bones, concussions, or surgery.

Final Notes

> Anybody emotionally close to your child and/or with them on a daily basis can also benefit from taking the same remedy.

> Food and chemical sensitivities, a negative environment, and nutritional deficiencies will need to be corrected for the problem to disappear permanently, but the right remedy can provide much needed support.

In my experience, behavioral issues are most often related to food and ingested chemical reactions.

> Many people do best with a blend of essences. You can either learn to make your own or contact a holistic practitioner skilled in flower essences.

You can contact me at jennifer AT 20somethingallergies DOT com for assistance.

If you’d like an in-depth resource on making your own blends and learning how to use them at home, The Encyclopedia of Flower Essences by Mechthild Scheffer is my most reached for reference manual.

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