Customized Real Food Meal Plans  
Update: This list was compiled before Katie’s allergy test. Once we received her test results, changed to a rotation diet, and started digestive enzymes, her range of allowable foods widened comsiderably.
1.       Dairy
2.       Wheat
3.       Soy
4.       Eggs
5.       Onion
6.       Garlic
7.       Tomato
8.       Pork
9.       Fish
10.   Bananas
11.   Peanuts
12.   Tree nuts
13.   Berries (true)
14.   Tropical fruit
15.   Citrus fruit
16.   Sesame
17.   Sunflower seeds
18.   Coconut
19.   Agave
20.   Cinnamon
21.   Mustard
22.   Seafood
23.   Chocolate
24.   Yeast
I have grouped a few of these into types of foods for sanity’s sake.

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