A Real Food Ketchup Recipe (with lacto-fermented option)

Ketchup is often one of the last foods to make the transition to a REAL FOOD diet but is so simple to make at home.

How can we recreate the flavors that pair so well with our favorite foods and reminds us of childhood? This simple real food ketchup recipe does just that but adds a richness that only comes with fresh ingredients.

We used readily available foods, made sure it created almost no mess, and created an option that was easy to whip up when you needed a new batch.

Making Your Own Awesomesauce

The beauty of making your own is that many of the ingredients can be changed up to fit to your tastes. This recipe is so simple that you can use it to create your perfect ketchup.

By replacing the garlic with shallots or switching out vinegar flavors, the recipe can have a whole new flavor profile. It also allows for substitutions when food allergies are an issue.

Lacto-fermented Version

The lacto-fermented option* is for those looking to include more fermented foods and probiotics into their diet. This one is our perfect ketchup. The sauerkraut juice is tangy but subtle and oh so delicious.

Throughout history, condiments were traditionally fermented and impart wonderful flavor and health benefits.

These nutrient-rich foods aid in digestion by increasing enzyme activity and boosting the friendly bacteria in our digestive tracts, both of which help break down food and make nutrients more accessible.

*This is a reflection of Nourished Kitchen’s fermentation method for homemade ketchup.

A Real Food Ketchup Recipe with Probiotics


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