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Note from Jennifer: Lauren from Mindful Mama is back with this fantastic presentation on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome healing protocol. If you missed her family’s GAPS success story, you can find it here.

The GAPS diet has offered our family much-needed hope when we were stuck (and getting sicker) in our current state of health trying to eat real food.

After spending some time with a GAPS practitioner in our area, we decided we desperately needed a condensed and accurate overview of the GAPS diet protocol to offer to those who wanted to learn more.

So I went to work digging through once again Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s incredible work on GAPS in her book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome.

This one hour presentation is a compilation of the information I gathered and presented to about 30 people interested in the GAPS protocol.

This mini-seminar addresses the importance of our beneficial flora, the health problems that stem from gut dysbiosis (overgrowth of harmful pathogens in the gut), and an overview of what the diet consists of.


I hope with this work is that it is a useful visual/audio tool for those who want desperately to wrap their brains around this intense healing protocol…and see if they need to implement it in their own lives.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Please share with those you think might benefit from this information!

mindful mama_bioLauren Smallcomb is a RN by profession and a researching mom (of a 5, 4, 1 year old) by passion.

Over the last four years she has brought her family from eating mostly the SAD, along with its many unhealthy consequences, to a vibrantly healthy family who is healing through REAL FOOD.

Apart from the great insight she’s gained into the failure of modern medicine, through her nursing experience, Lauren has the privilege of walking with couples through labor as a birth doula.

She will start a Nutritional Therapy program in September 2013 to get a more comprehensive view of natural health, in order to provide those in her life with the most solid health counsel possible.

Lauren and her husband (a counselor) are planning on moving their family to Thailand in a couple of years to enter into missions work. Additionally, they will counsel people from a truly holistic model, addressing the emotional/spiritual/health aspects of overall well being.

Lauren is completely in her niche when she has the opportunity to teach woman more of what it looks like to be a Mindful Mama.