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Boost Your Immune System: How To Thump Your Thymus

We’ve already discussed how your eyes can show the state of your adrenal glands and that your pulse can be used to find allergies. Let’s take a look another look into the amazing things that your body can do and learn how to boost its innate immunity.

The immune system is what protects our body from disease. When it’s not working properly, we’re subject to mass illnesses each winter – commonly called the cold and flu “season” -, chronic infections such as herpes and Epstein-Barr virus (mononucleosis), and cancer.

A yearly cold and flu epidemic is not a season folks.

To prevent and reverse these disease conditions, it’s important to build a strong immune system.

The Thymus Gland

Boost Your Immune System with This One Simple TrickBehind your sternum, or breastbone, sits the thymus gland.

It is part of the lymphatic immune system and is responsible for maturing infection-fighting white blood cells (T cells) made in our bone marrow.

‘Thumping your thymus’ is a method of gently tapping on the thymus gland to create vibrations that stimulate an increase in the maturation and release of white blood cells.

It has also been shown to slow down gland atrophy. The thymus gland begins to break down and shrink after puberty, and it’s been theorized that this happens in humans because we have lost the instinct to stimulate it regularly.

Learning from Gorillas

Think of the need to grasp or rub mid-chest during times of extreme stress or a gorilla who pounds his chest before entering a battle. Both situations call for stimulation of the thymus gland.

Other suggested benefits of thymus thumping also tie into the instinctual pounding of the chest.

There are many interesting articles about increased energy levels from thymus thumping. It’s a widely used practice with those who practice energy work.

Going completely off grid, another angle that goes way into alternative healing is the link with the ‘high heart’ chakra. One of the functions is to release fear.

These three ideas together makes a logical argument why a gorilla would thump his chest before going into battle – release of fear before engaging in battle, increased energy, and preparation of the immune system to deal with injuries.

How to Thump Your Thymus

Boost Your Immune System with This One Simple Trick - How to Thump Your Thymus

1. Take a couple of deep, relaxing breaths.

2. Using your fingertips or side of your fist, tap up and down about 2-3 inches along your sternum, between and above your mammary glands.

The thymus is located behind the third rib, but any vibrations along the length of the upper sternum will stimulate it.

3. Do this for 15-20 seconds and continue to take regular slow breaths.

4. Do 1-3 times a day or up to 4 during times of acute illness. (this recommendation is through my personal experience; anyone who practices energy work, please feel free to share your ideas in the comments!)


Quite unusual for me, but I don’t have reference materials to guide you to for further reading. This knowledge was gained through my training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

If you are into alternative health and know of any helpful text for further reading, please share in the comments!

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