DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes (my newest approach to saving money)

DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes (my newest approach to saving money)

Let me tell you the amount of hope that I have wrapped up into this little book…

My house is in the middle of a remodel. It’s torn apart, dirty, and the idea of cleaning it from top to bottom before we move back in is more than a little scary.

The Process

We have about a week and a half until the hardwood floors are installed/stained/sealed, the main rooms of the house are painted, and the cabinets are refinished.

Once the contractors have left, I will go in and clean every inch of the house from ceiling to floor and scrub each appliance inside out until it gleams. Then, we’ll put the house back together.

Good times.

Thanks to the Mommypotamus, the entire job can be done with frugal recipes that are safe for everyone and easy to make.

DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes (my newest approach to saving money)This DIY carpet cleaner will help me spot treat whatever the contractors bring in on their shoes as they trudge upstairs to use the commode.

Did I mention they’re frugal? I need a lot of that right about now.

Our next project is to pay down our mountain of debt and squeeze every penny until it can’t be squeezed anymore. That means back to DIY everything.

Here’s where I can help you too…


Homemade All-Purpose Scrub 2.0

Homemade All-Purpose Scrub 2.0

What on Earth am I going to do with all that refined salt in my kitchen?

In honor of Baby Step to Better Health # 1, I thought I would share my favorite all-purpose scrub so you could find a better use for all that toxic salt. Added bonus: You’ll quit singeing nose hairs and make your home that much safer by chucking a toxic cleaner out of your life.

I originally posted the recipe here, but I thought I would change it up a bit and share the “NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION”! I feel like an Irish Spring commercial. But seriously, give it a try. It’s really good stuff.

I actually use this scrub every week for cleaning water marks off of my Formica countertops. Those water stains drive me nuts.

Because you now have all of that refined salt just lying around polluting usable space, let’s give it something useful to do. […]

Carpet Cleaning (non-toxic, allergy-friendly, and frugal)

My carpet needed a serious deep clean. With a 4 year old, a husband, and a cat, it gets its fair share of wear and tear. It is also old and secretly wants to be laid to rest, but hardwood floors aren’t anywhere near the top of the to-do list. I make do…grudgingly.

We […]

Homemade All-Purpose Scrub

Why use expensive chemicals to clean? 


We began replacing harsh chemical cleaners with natural ones a few years ago. I was always put off from the harsh burning smell of cleaning chemicals and cover perfumes, and I can remember trying to hold my breath […]