Spring Cleansing Tonic: Iced Nettle and Rose Hips Tea

Spring Cleansing Tonic: Iced Nettle and Rose Hips Tea

Spring is a time of cleansing and nourishing. We emerge from our winter cocoon ready to shake off the sluggishness, a few fluffy pounds, and greet the sun with enthusiasm.

This spring cleansing tonic is a great way to clear a lingering winter cough, purify the blood, and increase energy levels. It’s so nourishing that it also increases the quality and quantity of a mother’s milk.

Nettle Leaf (Urtica dioica – Urticaceae)

Stinging nettle is one of the most nutritious and cleansing herbs we use in the Western world. It is the perfect way to nourish and cleanse your body from heavy winter foods and inactivity.

Nettle is very high in calcium (2,900 mg per 100 dry grams), magnesium (860 mg per 100 dry grams), and zinc (0.47 mg per 100 dry grams).


Plague Tonic: A Safe Flu Shot Alternative

Plague Tonic: A Safe Flu Shot Alternative(source)

This year, influenza has swept the nation. Flu shots are being handed out in record numbers and are even being offered as part of promotional packages to encourage people to get their flu shot.

If you’re looking for a flu shot alternative, you’re in the right place.

It’s now March and people are on their second and third round or still have lingering symptoms from months ago.   […]

DIY Herbal Cough Drops: Sore Throat Remedy

DIY Herbal Cough Drops: Sore Throat Remedy

Did you know that commercial cough drops and sore throat lozenges make it harder to fight off an illness?

The artificial colors and flavors in processed foods and medicines can cause symptoms such as hyperactivity, headaches, neurological problems, and cancer. The sugar alone acts as an immune suppressant.

All because you wanted to soothe a sore and scratchy throat. Thanks Big Pharma.

A Safer Alternative to Store-Bought Cough Drops   […]

How I Stopped a Gall Bladder Attack Naturally

How I Stopped a Gall Bladder Attack Naturally

This morning, I woke up anticipating a productive day of making applesauce, playing princess and racing imaginary horses, then finishing a post on Katie’s tooth healing diet.

Instead, I decided it would be much better to have a gall bladder attack. :insert heavy sarcasm here:

Feeling a bit inflamed and bruised for the past 3 days, it was now heartily twanging at me.

This isn’t my first gall bladder tantrum, but I was pretty clueless about what was happening in the past.

The one time I ventured to the E.R., they treated my middle-of-the-night gall bladder attack as a panic attack. Thanks doc.

Now What?!

The modern witch doctor that I am now, I shunned conventional medical care, grabbed my research books, and hopped on the Internet. There were no signs of acute distress or rupture so no need to rush off to the hospital.

That said, I would have probably headed straight there had I been in the dark about what was happening or how to treat it. It’s pretty scary when your insides are going haywire.   […]

DIY Healing Skin Balm

DIY Healing Skin Balm

Beautiful snow and cold temperatures spell trouble for ultra dry and sensitive skin. This skin balm has proven itself time and time again to sooth dry, itchy skin, heal scars, prevent wound infection (even from cat bites teeming with bacteria), and save little noses from chapping and soreness during the cold and flu season.

The bars are made from the most skin nourishing ingredients available and all are from sustainable sources. I avoided the use of oils because they do not hydrate well enough for our skin during the cold winter months.