Heal Cavities With A Grain-Free Diet

Heal Cavities With A Grain-Free Diet


I know! I hear ya. I would have never believed it myself if we weren’t living proof.


Whole Grains Should Be A Staple of A Healthy Diet = False

Here’s the short story. The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of mostly grains, and grains don’t provide a whole lot of bioavailable nutrients. We would be in better shape if we all ate ‘that devil meat and potatoes diet’ that we’re always being accused of wrecking our health with. […]

Homemade All-Purpose Scrub 2.0

Homemade All-Purpose Scrub 2.0

What on Earth am I going to do with all that refined salt in my kitchen?

In honor of Baby Step to Better Health # 1, I thought I would share my favorite all-purpose scrub so you could find a better use for all that toxic salt. Added bonus: You’ll quit singeing nose hairs and make your home that much safer by chucking a toxic cleaner out of your life.

I originally posted the recipe here, but I thought I would change it up a bit and share the “NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION”! I feel like an Irish Spring commercial. But seriously, give it a try. It’s really good stuff.

I actually use this scrub every week for cleaning water marks off of my Formica countertops. Those water stains drive me nuts.

Because you now have all of that refined salt just lying around polluting usable space, let’s give it something useful to do. […]

Wading Through the Weeds: Backyard Foraging {Part 1}

St. John’s wort is a wonderful mood booster

I figured the ultimate in crunchiness would be to try suburban foraging, so off I went into the wild frontier…or, ahem, my weed-filled lawn. Whether it be edible, medicinal, or ornamental, I was determined to see what I could identify and use. Shall we see what resides in a spray-free lawn in SE Michigan? […]

How To Be The Worst Gardener Ever and Still Grow Food {Veggie Garden Update}

Oh the hope I was filled with when I dreamt up and planned a vegetable garden. I was sure that by midsummer, I would have a lush garden full of edible abundance.

Instead I have some of this going on.  […]

Small Steps to Sustainability

Small Steps to Sustainability

Confession: I want to live in Little House On the Prairie.

Kind of.

I want Katie to run through fields, swim in unpolluted streams, and be able to explore and adventure unsupervised until the sun goes down. I want to sit together as […]