My Homesteading Goals

World War I poster. "Waste not, want not....

We are branching beyond REAL FOOD and learning to become self-sufficient suburbanites (we, like there’s a mouse in my pocket).

Hubby is happy to let me go about my merry way and enjoys the results of my labors but isn’t very enthusiastic about becoming a homesteader. Luckily, Katie and I are having a blast.

I look forward to the day  […]

Harvesting and Using Lavender

Harvesting and Using LavenderI feel such a sense of satisfaction from gathering my own lavender. It is the same feeling I get from making a beautiful pot of chicken bone broth, culturing yogurt, or creating a tooth powder recipe.

It is learning to be self-sufficient and resourceful.

Susy from Chiot’s Run put out the question wondering if she was an asset or a liability to her community if hard times hit and how we felt it about ourselves. It really hit home for me.

I grew up as a typical suburban American with no discernible skills. I am now learning to be an asset. What a wonderful feeling it is to be useful.


The Humble Clothesline

English: Clothespin in place. Oregon, USA Fran...

Hanging laundry to dry can be a soothing and rewarding task. I follow the FlyLady’s advice and wash a load every day, so hanging a single load to dry is not an overwhelming job.

Line-drying clothes is new for me, and I find it gives me a few minutes to stop thinking and concentrate on the task at hand. Mark from Mark’s Daily Apple talks about the importance of involuntary, or passive, thinking in his post on why we should work outside […]

Carpet Cleaning (non-toxic, allergy-friendly, and frugal)

My carpet needed a serious deep clean. With a 4 year old, a husband, and a cat, it gets its fair share of wear and tear. It is also old and secretly wants to be laid to rest, but hardwood floors aren’t anywhere near the top of the to-do list. I make do…grudgingly.

We […]

Homemade All-Purpose Scrub

Why use expensive chemicals to clean? 


We began replacing harsh chemical cleaners with natural ones a few years ago. I was always put off from the harsh burning smell of cleaning chemicals and cover perfumes, and I can remember trying to hold my breath […]