Revitalizing Essential Oil Soak for Moms

Revitalizing Essential Oil Soak for Moms

Sometimes, motherhood is Pinterest-worthy crafts in a clean(ish) home with enthralled and well-behaved children…and then, we have the other 355 days of the year.

Motherhood is hard. It’s the most amazing and rewarding experience I have ever had, but it’s really hard.

Those […]

The Most Simple, Natural, and Effective Deodorant You Will Ever Use

The Most Simple, Natural, and Effective Deodorant You Will Ever Use

There I was, in the bathroom. Staring into the mirror and wondering if I was tipping the scales into crazy or if I was about to embark on a whole new level of awesome…

…with a lemon wedge in my hand.

The only one around was my giggling 6 year old, so I really had nothing to lose. My homemade deodorant and pregnancy hormones weren’t playing nice, and I had developed an itchy rash from using it.

After a day of cleaning and ‘glowing’, now was as good of a time as any.

I rubbed a lemon wedge on my underarms and waited for something to happen.


Make Your Own DIY Christmas Presents: Toxin-free Beauty Products

Make Your Own Christmas Presents and Save 25% on My Favorite eBook

Welcome to my Christmas project this year! Now that Katie is 5, I’m so excited to be able to make Christmas presents for everyone together.

It’s a great way to keep sugary cookies and fudge out of the house and away from my family and friends. What kind of witch doctor would I be if I was passing out fudge to diabetics and cookies to those with chronic inflammation?

We’ll be making recipes from DIY Organic Beauty for each and every member of our family and some close friends too (keep reading to find out how you can save money).

These can all be made early and at a bit at a time, so we’re not rushing during the holiday season or destroying the kitchen with company always visiting.

I will be an island of calm among the holiday chaos…okay, not really.

sugar scrubCinnamon & Vanilla Spice Winter Scrub

What’s In It For You?


Q & A on the Oil Cleansing Method

So, you’ve read through . . .

The Oil Cleansing Method: A How-To Guide for Clear, Radiant Skin and still have questions or you’ve been valiantly trying it for a number of weeks and look like a science experiment.

Ruh roh.

As you can see by the number of comments, the original post has become a beacon […]

How I Stopped Wasting Money on Conventional Shampoo

Thanks to the Mommypotamus, I have been covering myself in honey, molasses, fenugreek seeds, and other unmentionables for weeks. It is the best stress relief I’ve had in months.

I promised to report back after trialing some of the recipes from DIY Organic Beauty Recipes (affiliate link). I’m here to tell you that I am in love.

I’m so in love that I’ve partnered up with the Mommypotamus and will soon offer her famous Sweet Orange and Honey Shampoo in my shop!

My hair is shiny, soft, and thicker than it has been for ages. My teeth are whiter. My skin looks younger. I no longer avoid catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

Here are my favorites so far.   […]