GAPS Intro Quick Guide (Guest Post at Gutsy)

GAPS Intro Quick Guide for GAPS Intro Stages (title)

Are you thinking about doing GAPS intro or working your way through it now? I created a quick reference guide infographic that lays out the GAPS intro stages and includes some important notes.   […]

Detox Baths: Recipes to Calm the Inner Beast and Whiny Children

Detox Baths: Recipes to Calm the Inner Beast and Whiny ChildrenPhoto Credit: Dennis Wong

This week, we’re talking about detox baths. Lovely, healing, make-you-feel-human-again detox baths. As a holistic practitioner, I heavily recommend them for a gentle method of pulling toxins out of the skin when the detoxification system is compromised.

Don’t forget to read the first post on Baby Step # 2 |Detox Baths| if you missed it.

There are a wide variety of healing agents like herbs, salts, essential oils, and even foods that can be added to a bath to make it another healing tool in your toolbox. Let’s focus on some that provide a gentle detox, are allergen-free, and use ingredients that can do double duty in other areas of your home.



  1. Drink 12-16 ounces of water during the hour before to be sure you’re hydrated.
  2. Fill tub with very warm water (no more than body temperature for children). ‘Very warm’ should be comfortable. Let’s say a happy medium between room temperature and scalding that makes you say Ahhhh when you sink down into it. […]

What Is a Rotation Diet? {Part 1}

Eat a wider variety of natural, unprocessed foods while allowing your body to heal.

You have seen meal plans and heard the words ‘rotation diet’ thrown around here at 20 something allergies for quite awhile now. Are you still a bit unclear on what it is or the benefits to them? Let us help!

The basic premise of a rotation diet is to rotate foods in such a way that you do not eat the same food more than once within a 4 day period. A “day” is a 24 hour period and not just Monday to Tuesday, because you need at least 96 hours before consuming that food again. If you eat an apple on Saturday afternoon at 1:00, you would wait until at least Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 to have any other food that contains apple.

An allergy rotation diet takes it a step further and groups foods into plant families. […]

Bedtime Yoga Routine for Amazing Sleep

A good night sleep is essential to a well-grounded productive day. It resets your body processes and restores body and mind. Practicing a short – or extended – yoga routine specifically designed to relax your nervous system and calm your energies is the perfect way to transition out of the rush and exhaustion of the day and into a restorative sleep. […]

GAPS Re-Intro Day 7, Stage 1 to 6 or Somewhere In Between

I have to say today was not our best day. I started with low blood sugar. I didn’t eat enough fat, since I don’t have a stockpile of various fats to rotate yet and can’t have chicken schmaltz too often. I wish my ducks would hurry and thaw! Then, detox settled in and I was cranky as could […]