Customized Real Food Meal Plans - I LOVE the taste of cod liver oil... Said no one ever. Mmmmm. Cod liver oil.

The supplement that us real foodies have a love/hate relationship with.

If you would rather jump out the window than swallow a spoonful, you can always hide it in a smoothie or rub it on your bum.

No seriously! IT WORKS.

Applying cod liver oil topically (to the skin) has been a common method of giving the good stuff to babies far back into history. Just rub it into an area of thin skin like your belly or derriere to receive the most benefits. It’s cheaper than buying the capsules and makes for a way funnier story.

In my family, we chase our doses with a spoonful of elderberry syrup or mix the two together to cut the taste. The pros far outweigh the cons with this stuff so it’s worth a moment of unpleasantness.

If that moment of unpleasantness keeps coming back up…and up…and up in the form of fish burps, look into a digestive aid. Bitters, acidic foods, and digestive enzymes can all help break  that magic elixir up so you absorb all the good stuff and don’t have to keep revisiting it.

Why Do I Want This Stuff Again? 

Last week’s Baby Step, Real Food Supplements, talked about my favorite immune boosters. Safe and effective, they are a great way to increase the power of your immune system, especially during those times when your diet is less than fantastic.

Cod liver oil is way up there on the list of nutrient-dense superfoods. If you have fish allergies and can’t even add it to a rotation diet, I have the idea brewing to make a fermented beef liver oil to substitute for it.

I’ll keep you updated when I decide to tackle that one. I’m not that brave yet.

Katie’s gut and immune system have healed enough to have fish now, so I have been able to put that project on a back burner.

What’s So Good About It?

It’s a key part of our tooth healing regiment!

(preformed) Vitamin A

  • important for eye health, immune and organ function, reproductive health 1
  • especially important for people with chronic illnesses, ex. diabetics, who have trouble converting ‘pro’vitamin A – like the beta-carotene in carrots – into true Vitamin A that our bodies can use

Vitamin D

  • important for bone and tooth health, immune function, reduces inflammation, promotes calcium absorption 2

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) Omega-3s, EPA, DHA

  • important for cardiovascular health, reduces inflammation, helping to reverse depression and other mental illness symptoms 3
  • must be obtained from our diet

These nutrients can also help protect us from cancer along with a wide variety of essential nutrients. Nutrient-dense real food is key to achieving true health.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil (the only kind for us)

I will only give my family fermented cod liver oil (buy it here*). It is a raw, traditionally fermented food. It didn’t come out of a lab or have to be chemically altered to make it the “right blend” of nutrients. It is food that naturally has the right balance.

*affiliate link to the product that I use

One important point to remember is to never take cod liver oil with synthetic vitamins in it. Synthetic vitamins are treated like toxins by our bodies and should be avoided. You pee most of them out anyway. Seriously?! Seriously.

Only use whole food sources for adding nutrients to your diet. Synthetic sourcing along with  higher doses contributes to Vitamin A toxicity. Stick with the real stuff and treat it respectfully.

I prefer to follow the rotation diet with my supplements along with meals to get the widest range of nutrients and avoid overloading on  any one nutrient. This is a great plan for people with compromised liver function.

Check with your doctor and let him/her/them know what you are up to. Mainstream medicine could really use an eye-opener into where true health and healing come from.

Further Reading

Green Pasture: FAQ (producers of fermented cod liver oil)

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