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Soooo, ahem, we’re 12 days into this 30 day challenge and I, in no way, resemble the healthy glowing lady in that pic up there.

Challenge Update – Week 1

I dialed way back on foods that make me retain water and cause inflammation and was starting to look like my normal self, but then fatigue hit on Friday.

Fatigue = takeout = water retention + inflammation = more fatigue & crankiness = coffee.

And then we’re right back to the cranky, puffy blowfish. I know many of you have been on this vicious cycle with me.

I haven’t really been in the mood to practice yoga, so I have been gently rebounding and did a lymph massage during my detox bath last weekend. I feel ready to tackle the movement part.

I really miss working out, so that has me excited.

What’s Holding Me Back

Even though I have all the tools necessary to support myself through the natural detox and period of fatigue that comes with a diet cleanse – in my case removing dairy, wheat, and coffee -, my head’s just not in the game.

There is too much in my life that is taking priority over ‘me’ time with no time for a recovery timeout. I’ll need to safely block off a 2 week period to focus on rest and minimal responsibility…in other words, a vacation.

A Recovery Staycation


Instead of planning a grand sightseeing tour or family adventure, I’m going to gear up for 2 weeks at home for some R&R. We’ll have a staycation instead of a vacation.

Just like doing a GAPS intro, I’ll stock up on food, fun things for Katie and I to do (and things for her to do while I rest), and a complete break from work except for emergency client needs.

The Tools

I keep a ‘tool box’ to help support my body during healing. For anyone who has jumped with both feet into a healing protocol or detox, it’s extremely hard on the body and can actually make you more sick than before you began.

Proper support can make it a much more positive experience.

Here’s a list of what I’m going to use to help make the detox period easier on my body —

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Rebounder (mini trampoline)

Rebounding is great for detoxifying and a perfect way to gently exercise the muscles and cardiovascular system. I find this to be the best method for those who are sedentary…especially if you sit in front of a computer most of the day like me.

We use this one. The Hubs will even jump on it when the mood strikes!

Earthing Mat

Earthing mats sound pretty wackadoo when you don’t understand the science behind them or believe in energy work. They are an easy way to reset your body’s energy fields and protect it from dangerous electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that come from our electronic devices.

Earthing mats can also speed healing, improve sleep, reduce acute and chronic fatigue, support adrenal function, and prevent headaches for many people. I prefer it to earthing outside in winter. Brr.

I’m going to buy this one since it’s less than 1/3 of the price of the others I found.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be wonderful tools to help support the body. Just like everything else, choose good quality oils. I also use them therapeutically in my practice (oils I use).

Flower Essences

We go through many emotional purges as we detoxify the body. Flower essences help to balance those energies and support our emotional health as we cleanse and heal.

Read my post on Flower Essences 101.


I use a twin-gear juicer very similar to this one. This tool is an investment, but I felt it a necessary one with Katie’s malabsorption issues. In the 4 years since I bought it, I’ve had no regrets.

Juicing is a great way to flood your body with live enzymes and a wide variety of nutrients necessary for good health and healing. A much better choice than commercial multivitamins.

Next Week

I’ll check in again with another update early next week, so I can stay accountable and keep working toward my staycation. Anyone want to join me in planning one?


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