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Thanks to the Mommypotamus, I have been covering myself in honey, molasses, fenugreek seeds, and other unmentionables for weeks. It is the best stress relief I’ve had in months.

I promised to report back after trialing some of the recipes from DIY Organic Beauty Recipes (affiliate link). I’m here to tell you that I am in love.

I’m so in love that I’ve partnered up with the Mommypotamus and will soon offer her famous Sweet Orange and Honey Shampoo in my shop!

My hair is shiny, soft, and thicker than it has been for ages. My teeth are whiter. My skin looks younger. I no longer avoid catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

Here are my favorites so far.  

Sweet Orange and Honey Shampoo

DIY Sweet Orange and Honey Shampoo

Sweet Orange and Honey Shampoo = happy shower. The cloud of citrus that envelops my head while I lather is scrumptious, and it takes me less than a minute to make an entire batch. Win.

I would have never thought to put honey in shampoo, but it really helps to break up the oil and makes the shampoo lather just like my regular shampoo. Who knew? I still giggle about slathering honey on my head.

I switched over to a semi-natural shampoo years ago but couldn’t find anything to clean my hair that was free of chemicals. The safer the ingredients, the dirtier my hair got. And  dirty hair smells. Yuck.

I can confidently say that I have now kicked the habit, and 100% of my personal care products are now completely safe for my health.

Shine Boost Rinse

DIY Shine Boost RinseThe Shine Boost Rinse will a part of my beauty routine forever.

It has made the most dramatic change to my hair in terms of softness and shine. Even my husband noticed the difference the very first time I used it.

It’s even easier to make than the shampoo, and I whip up a new batch every time I wash my hair right in the shower.

It’s so empowering to see that my various bottles of homemade girliness have replaced anything made in a lab by men in white coats with safety glasses. That, my friends, is not sexy.

Now that I have my cleansing routine down pat, I’m moving on to makeup and perfume!

I’m going to start with Beetroot Cheek & Lip Stain…or Orange Vanilla Dream Lip Balm. I can’t wait to get to the solid perfume. I so love the idea of it. And I really love the honey shampoo, but the African Black Soap Shampoo sounds too fun and funky to pass up. I have to try that too.

The best part of the book is that I can make new recipes whenever I want. Go get one for yourself and join me!

Click here to get yours.

You know what else is in there? Stretch mark diminishing cream. Enough said.

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