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What a day.

A bright and sunny Saturday spent chattering over food produced by the people who sell it.

Ahhh yes, it’s farmers’ market day.

Saturday mornings are my family’s favorite time of the week. We pile into the family SUV and head down to the Farmington Farmers and Artisan Market to do our weekly shopping.

Locavores are all about producing and consuming close to home. Pastured meats, fresh chicken and duck eggs, fruits, vegetables, flowers, honey, pastries, crafters, glass workers, coffee and cheese vendors. The list seems almost endless, and the market is just one of many in the metro Detroit suburban sprawl of SE Michigan.

There are specialized goods in abundance. Indian chutney, elderberry tonics, baked goods like to-die-for blueberry lime mini scones, artisan chocolates, home-spun wool, and maple syrup are just a few of the tempting goodies. Last week, there was even a dog show. Katie loved that.










A sofa table version of this piece already has a place mapped out at my house. I love adding funky pieces to our modern decor. Local, reclaimed wood is such a fantastic way to add a feature piece that I almost can’t resist when I see a one I like.

Do you frequent any farmers’ markets?

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