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Favorite Things in November - 3 generations of agnolotti makers

I love the holidays. This year, Katie was able to join the fun of making agnolotti for the first time.

What a huge healing milestone.

My in-laws are from Italy and have pared down the weekly tradition of pasta making into a yearly tradition of making one giant batch of meat-stuffed ravioli (called agnolotti in the north).

We’ve been avoiding it for the last couple of years, because of Katie’s allergies. Avoidance no more! I am happy to report that she was covered in flour by the end with nary a spot or itchy skin. It was a beautiful sight and brought happy tears to all of our eyes.

I love family traditions.

Favorite Things in November - Christmas House

Our Christmas holiday season begins the day after Thanksgiving and we spent the day sniffing simmering potpourri, listening to Christmas carols, and decking the halls. November was full of wonderful memories, and I can’t wait for what December brings!

Posts that tickled my fancy from across the blogosphere

  • This post on Weston Price and why I credit him to allowing me to heal Katie’s teeth naturally.
  • A traditional sugarplums recipe! This one is definitely joining our holiday traditions.
  • Homemade bitters. I am smitten with this new Natural Cocktails book. This recipe is a perfect digestive aid and liver cleanser.
  • Learning about this home schooling time commitment. We got started with our homeschool co-op this month, so I’m happy to read about the experience of other families.
  • This great article on health care from an RN. You’ll be shocked by what she has to say…or maybe you won’t.
  • My skin balm post goes up next week and I’m thinking of selling it, so I’m super happy to learn to render tallow in a crock pot.
  • The benefits of flax seeds or lack thereof. I used to use them as an egg replacement in baking until we stopped eating seeds. I noticed that they popped up as an allergen on our tests too.
  • I am so trying this Thanksgiving turkey recipe! We eat turkey weekly, and I can’t wait to try this version with Chinese Five Spice (modified for allergens of course). Yum.
  • Speaking of yum, honey caramel apple cider. Prepare to drool.
  • You have to check out this post on glamping. This is my kind of camping!
  • My favorite blog series EVER. If you love Downton Abbey or European history, check out this Victorian kitchen. :happy sigh:
  • Do you have hemorrhoids? No need to tell anyone. Just read about how to get rid of them.
  • This post about using turkey bones to make soup stock. We got a local pastured turkey, so you know I did!
  • Why cloth diaper? So you can use them for the oil cleansing method of course. OK, that’s just a side benefit, but I still use mine daily even though Katie has been out of diapers for about 3 years.
  • I am so excited to try Almanzo Wilder apples ‘n’ onions recipe. It sounds like a perfect side to grilled pastured pork chops.
  • Here’s another mama curing tooth decay and showing how GAPS and osteoporosis are linked.
  • Some ideas on how to recycle CDs. We still have a ton of them.
  • Some great info on the nutritional benefits of raw milk.
  • Basil salmon. Cut the citrus out and I’m in! Now, why didn’t I think of that combo?


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