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Boy have I been a busy girl. In researching this new stage of our getting back to basics style of life, I have restumbled onto the GAPS diet [] and this time it struck a chord. I think a little gut healing is in order for all of us at my house. With Davide’s diabetes, my toxic sugar addiction, and Katie’s food and chemical intolerances, we’re in need of a little healing…enter GAPS. I’m not sure how I’ll modify the diet to meet our needs, but I really like the idea of vegetables swimming in bone broths as a staple for meals and nourishing animal fats to lubricate this winter dry skin and tired mamma brain. More fanatical research needed before we do more than ease into it.

My Harsch fermenting crock finally came today after a few days of Christmas Eve type anticipation, so sauerkraut making can now commence – an integral part of GAPS and other back to health ideaologies -. I have a jar full of pounded salted carrots & green cabbage and couple of fresh heads of cabbage ready to go and will probably set up my first batch tomorrow. More on that later.

And the big news that I’m slightly embarassed, kinda excited, and quite hopeful about is my attempt at relactation. Background: My daughter nursed until age 1 1/2 and weaned last February. I was having major problems sticking to my elimination diet that January and rationalized it as needing to calorie binge to help my dwindling milk supply (haven’t you heard of the magic milk generating powers of Wendy’s???). A lightbulb moment a few months later had me convinced that she weaned as a result of my allergenic milk making her feel unwell. I considered relactating then but didn’t push the issue as she wasn’t showing any signs of unhappiness with our current situation and was comfortable with seeing other babies and toddlers nurse without longing or regret. Recently, she began to ask for mamma milk again. I’m not sure if it’s seeing her little best friend nursing that prompted it – though she’s seen it weekly since last October -, or if it’s just our cue that it’s the next stage in the Grand Plan for us. I initially told her that I don’t make mamma milk anymore since she stopped drinking it. Then, another lightbulb moment happened. While facebooking with another crunchy mama friend of mine, she asked me why I was considering using fermented cow or goat milk to help heal our guts as prescribed on the GAPS diet and other sources I’ve been reading. In explaining what I was looking into and why and hoping that Katie would tolerate at least the goat’s milk, it dawned on me that in looking for humane, local animal products, I was using my societal prejudices as a roadblock to the proper healing, perfect food for my daughter. Mamma milk. Who cares if it’s weird? Who’s ultimately responsible for her health and well being? Right. ME. As she’s only 2 1/2, I think she should still be on it at least for the antibodies while her immune system continues to develop and mature. So now I’m mooing it up again with the handy dandy Medela pump-in-style at my elbow. I’m not asking Katie to nurse. If she asks me to, I’m fine with it. If not, I’ll stay friendly with the pump and she’ll drink it in a cup with one of her favorite straws like she does her other beverages. She’s been VERY interested and happy that I’m trying to reestablish my supply. She sits and cuddles with me as I pump and cheers me on with “Go boobies! Go!” and “C’mon booobies!” Gotta love that. I will be so happy to stop the rice milk. More on all this later too including details of the process to help any other mothers looking for info.

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