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During the month of December, I will complete a floor to ceiling deep clean of my home to get ready for Christmas and the new year ala FlyLady. The FlyLady is Marla Cilley, an amazing woman who selflessly shares her tips for organizing and cleaning and has built a conglomeration of self-help gurus freely offering helpful information through her website and e-mails. It’s quite impressive. I have found that most of her cleaning methods work very well for me. Once I had Katie three and a half years ago, life took some serious twists and turns. Having a high-needs child with chemical sensitivities and food allergies who needed my attention 24/7 and only slept 30 minutes at a time obliterated my schedule. I had to learn how to do everything differently. Enter FlyLady. Have I mentioned her advice is FREE? It’s almost a crime to not try it. She taught me how to make a control journal to organize my cleaning and be sure that everything got done before it became a problem area. Things like doing a load of laundry every day frees up the day I used to devote exclusively to washing clothes for the 1,001 other tasks that are always waiting for my attention. The reason I’m doing an intensive whole house clean now is because I haven’t followed my control journal after beginning the GAPS diet and turned my kitchen into a traditional foods kitchen at the beginning of the year. My hands were full enough! Now that I am in the swing of things and have a much greater level of health, it’s time add another layer back into the mix. January will start a clean slate and I’ll be able to begin my FlyLady routine again in full. The cleaning that I will do this month is something I normally split into seven weeks and is a continuous process that allows you to avoid the need for deep cleaning. It’s also great for dust and mold allergies. You never have to wonder if you cleaned the ceiling fan this decade or if the underside of your fridge has dust hippos. Free yourself from dust and clutter (well, mostly) and enjoy your home again!

Here is my master plan for the month. Each week I will post a detailed list of what is to be cleaned at the beginning of the week and will recap with a post of what I was able to complete. Please feel free to jump in with me! Just modify the areas and tasks to fit your household. I have 15 areas in a 4 bedroom/3 bath house and just over 1700 square feet to clean.

     Week 1, Dec 1-7

1.       Master bedroom

2.       Master bathroom

3.       Stairway/upstairs hallway

      Week 2, Dec 8-14

4.       Guest room

5.       Playroom

6.       Kt bedroom

7.       Kt bathroom
Week 3, Dec 15-21

8.      Powder room

9.      Laundry room

10.   Kitchen

11.   Entryway

     Week 4, Dec 22-28

12.   Living room

13.   Dining room

14.   Front porch
Dec 29-31
missed tasks

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