Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

Today: no urge for nuts, dairy, or sugar. not very hungry but not feeling sick. Evening: so hungry I had a glass of milk to hold me til a very late dinner. Ate and then had another glass, not needed and indulgent. The second glass did me in. I was rumbly in my tummy and now a bit itchy everywhere. Fingers are starting to get tight and I think my feet are swelling a bit too. Since I’ve not had nuts, I can now isolate it to dairy. Our sewers were being ‘revitalized’ today and we couldn’t really use our water, so food prep took a nose dive. I’m happy to report that Katie only had a normal toddler size serving of the marrow and oxtail from my beef broth, so I feel that her system has had a bit of a cleansing. I really have trouble with all of the muscle meat she eats. But she is sleeping amazingly well. So much that she’s not napping lately. Between her new amber necklace that works better than I could have ever imagined or dreamed of making her feel better, sleeping with a fan again, and this diet, she is no longer as noise sensitive or comes into such a light sleep so often. We’ve had to go back to nighttime diapers, since she started reacting so heavily to all of the ferments in her diet a few weeks ago. Those are drier lately so another sign of a smaller toxic load. She took my big boy, heavy-duty probiotic (Custom Probiotics 11-strain/linked in my other posts) for the first time this morning and did wonderful with it so I’m so very happy and encouraged. I didn’t notice any die off symptoms. Sweet. For me, after almost spitting out my first mouthful of a mug of the aforementioned broth this morning, I doctored it up sucessfully. I find it pretty tasty with fresh garlic, fresh cracked black pepper, sea salt, and rosemary left to marinate for about 20 minutes. YAY!!! That is a huge jump forward for me in doing GAPS and especially intro. Such small victories and yet so large.

Just remembered another couple of good things. I had big chunks of fat in my milk and happily drank them down. No shivering, shuddering, or gagging. Big gains for a fat avoider! Katie claims she’s hungry no matter how much she’s eaten up until bed but has gone to bed on my orders without the extra 1/2 hr-45 minutes of ‘one more snack’ that she’s been almost compulsively lately. She’s always needed to eat a substantial amount right before bed, but now it’s like she can’t get enough even if she says she’s full two seconds before. Glad I’m not the only mom going through this. It’s helping me cope and pay attention to when she really needs food without throwing food at her anytime she asks and having it follow her to bed.

What a nonsensical ramble. Off to bed.

first meal: frozen blueberries for Katie; beef bone broth with raw garlic, rosemary, black pepper, seal salt for me

seond meal: chicken bone broth, bok choy, carrots, celery added for flavor & removed for Katie; bok choy ended up being fished out and eaten by me when Katie decided she no longer liked it

third meal: oxtails and marrow from broth with sea salt for Katie (and she ate it happily, super squishy parts and all!); two eggs fried in butter for me

snack: shared apple

fourth meal: raw daikon (radish) and cauliflower with olive oil and celtic sea salt, then artichoke hearts, then frozen peas, then smashed cauliflower for Katie; 2 glasses of milk and a grilled tuna steak with a spoon of sour cream for me

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