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There has been mad scrambling over here recently in preparation of a huge new project, both in my home and with the blog.

We are going on the GAPS Diet again.

If you haven’t read my GAPS ramblings from when I started my blog, you can find them here. Be forewarned, they are indeed the ramblings of a brain-fog addled woman learning to blog for a small audience.

What Do You Mean…Again?

The GAPS protocol was one that we struggled mightily with in the past. I thought it had wonderful roots and made so much sense, but it made me feel pretty awful and took up every last bit of space in my brain trying to figure it out.

I never fully abandoned the principles and incorporated many of them into my healing protocol. We still have more healing to do, but I believe this is our final leg of the journey.

I’m ready to tackle it again with the knowledge of how to tweak the protocol specific to the individual and provide support along with way to all of my wonderful readers (that’s you).

Practitioner Training to the Rescue

Now that I can approach the diet from a practitioner standpoint, it makes a whole lot more sense and that, my friends, is a very big sigh of relief. Dr. Natasha and I do have differing views on some issues like how allergies and sensitivities are addressed, so I will make note of when the information and advice is solely mine and am likely to consult with her on some items.

I also plan to complete the GAPS practitioner training next year once I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I hope to expand on Dr. Natasha’s work in the future with her blessing and will use this time to hone the process.

We will continue the series on healing digestion and incorporate it into our protocol and tackle blood sugar handling as our second pillar of healing. These two healing foundations are the basis of also healing the adrenals, thyroid, and the rest of the endocrine system, along with correcting nutrient deficiencies and the immune system.

Are you ready to do this together?

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