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Note: I am woeful about rereading and editing this post, so I will come back to it at a later date. For now, I’m just tired of working on it. Please ignore my grammatical and writing style errors in the meantime. 🙂

My doctor recently recommended that I have an allergy test done. Though we’ve focused on traditional foods/WAPF and GAPS for almost a year, there are still issues to overcome. My biggest complaints have been continued water retention (though relatively minor) and significant fatigue. I thought the fatigue was probably due to adrenal fatigue from all of the abuse my body has gone through for thirty some odd years. My MD thought the core issue may be food allergies. She was apparently on to something…

Insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield covered half of the cost of the blood test through my MD’s office though they claim they don’t cover it at all if you call and ask. The total out of pocket was $184.


IgG Food Antibody Assessment (food sensitivity/latent allergy): These are reactions from a delayed immune response. Latent allergies often cause chronic illnesses that include symptoms like migraines, water retention, lethargy, emotional instability, crankiness, sleeplessness, back pain, joint pain, restless leg syndrome, and many more. I believe the chronic exposure is also causing high blood pressure in my mother. When partially undigested foods leaking into the bloodstream from a perforated gut (commonly known as leaky gut). My MD recommended that I rotate the foods that I’m sensitive to – the green VL category up to twice a week, the yellow 1+ category up to once a week, and to avoid all pinks and reds. Gluten and casein are no-nos as we heal. This hybrid method of eating will be a temporary change while my gut is healing. Long-term, all grains, seeds, and dairy will be very occasional treats since they are not optimal foods for the human diet. We’ll mainly follow The Primal Blueprint once we’re off the GAPS diet for gut healing. Once we’re healed, I will try to be sure that any dairy and grains/seeds we consume are fermented and properly prepared for cheat times like holidays.

Now this is the most interesting part of the test for me. Some of these crack me up like wheat (like white flour) is very low on the list but wheat bran is off the charts. Beans send my antibodies to war. Navy beans? When do I eat those?! I know they’re hard to digest – though I’ve not had any digestive upset with them or any food -, but eggs are super easy and high on my list too. I’m a bit of a glass half full gal, and I see the sea of greens and yellows as a positive. I don’t have a reference from before changing my diet [I may be able to get a copy of my original allergy results as a child soon], but I believe that these should be much higher with the quantity of things I react to. My allergies are not recent so are not increasing. Combined with my total antibodies, this tells me that I am on the right road…but, boy, do I wish I could stick with it 100%. I’ll have some more posts on allergies coming up and will address what the cravings really are and why they are so darn enslaving. There are real reasons that food is kryptonite for so many of us.

Be careful of testing your reactions. I was completely shocked that eggs are a problem. I tried to eat some store-bought brownies to gauge my reaction and that little experiment knocked me on my butt for a full 24 hours. No wonder I still felt ill most of the time. That experience also inspires a future blog post. In short, it totally sucked.

‘True Relief’ Rotation Schedule: I didn’t add the scan of the recommended rotation diet and disregarded it at the recommendation of my MD and my own instincts. It cycles in food that should be avoided (like dairy and those in the pink category) and is mainly for people who are not ready to strictly limit their diets.

IgE Food Antibody Results (classic allergy): I am lucky in that I don’t suffer from any classic food allergies. That means I will most likely not have any restrictions in the future after my gut is fully healed and is no longer leaking. YAHOO!

Total IgE: This is the level of antibodies floating around my system. My results are surprisingly low at 29.7 compared to the reference range of 87.0. My MD was shocked that it was so low with the amount of foods I react to. What does that tell me? My body is responding well to the healing methods I have been utilizing. Becoming a witch doctor has its advantages. 😉

IgE Inhalants Profile:  Yep. My nemesis ragweed is still there. The severity of my reactions have improved leaps and bounds from when I was a child and are pretty low if you look at the numbers. If I even walked by it as a child, my eyes would swell almost completely shut, my nose would turn into a faucet, the itching would start, and I would feel nausea from my body freaking out. I lived on Benadryl when little. Benadryl in school is like a torture device. Snooze city. Mold is no surprise either, but it’s much more mild that I expected. Mites was a surprise and so was the fact that of the others have disappeared. I was highly allergic to them all as a child.

Celiac (IgA) and Gluten Sensitivity (IgG): I am definitely negative for Celiac disease. Another sigh of relief but not really a shock. I’ve never had any symptoms to make me think I suffered from it. I am also negative for a gluten sensitivity, but my IgG results are half way to a positive result. It’s possible that it’s increasing and I could have a problem in the future if I go back to a Standard American Diet (SAD), or it could also be going down since we have already changed our diet and begun the process of healing. I choose to think the latter…glass half full girl that I am.

Well, if you made it all the way though that, I’m impressed. There’s just no way to make that zippy and witty and fun to read while keeping it a reasonable length. I will post Katie’s and hubby’s results also when I receive them. If you are having trouble reading the images and would like an e-mail copy of the results, please contact me at I’ll be happy to share and/or answer any questions you may have.

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