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How I Save Money with Bundle Discounts

Confession time. I was always bad with money and had the credit card bills to prove it. Once my husband and I combined accounts, things got easier but we were always on the cusp of debt. Then, things got real.

I gave up my corporate job to become a stay-at-home-mom 5 years ago. We got rid of our car payments, curbed our taste for expensive things, and impulse spending now required a lot more planning.

Saving Money as a non-Couponer

High-quality real food and natural healthy products are one of my top priorities, so I have to make sure to work them into our budget. Discount coupons in bundle sales are a big part of my plan to stock up on things that we use regularly or for new things we want to try.

Trying to clip coupons when you don’t eat processed foods can drive you insane. It does me. I also try to buy local and don’t have time shop around for the best deals on meat and produce.

Shopping in Bulk

I use Amazon for a lot of my pantry shopping, and try to get case discounts from Whole Foods when I can. I also heavily use the discounts from the bundle sales I participate in.

Because I take part in certain bundles as an affiliate, I get access to the eBooks for free (so grateful for that). They’ve been invaluable to learning how to eat satisfying meals on a restricted diet, but I love these sales most for the discount coupons.

I have tried a lot of new products that I love and use regularly thanks to these special deals, so be sure to use yours when you get the bundle!

Here’s my savings plan for this sale —


How I Save Money with Bundle Discounts - chomp sticks1 case of 144 Original Chomp Sticks 

$249.00  $199.20 (20% off coupon)

That makes these grass-fed beef sticks $1.38 each and will last us the entire year if we’re careful. Fast snacks = happy family.


How I Save Money with Bundle Discounts - doTerra hoilday gift box

1 doTerra holiday gift box from My Lamp is Full 

$34.00 $27.20 (20% off coupon)

Essential Oil Cold & Flu Season Pack (set of On Guard, Peppermint, Wild Orange)


How I Save Money with Bundle Discounts - primal chocolate samplerPrimal Chocolate Sampler from Eating Evolved

$34.99 $31.49 (10% off coupon)

 (NO SUGAR) Coconut Almond, Banana Walnut, Orange Slice & Cacao Nib, Cacao Nib, Vanilla Latte, Cayenne Aztec


These are blowing up all over Instagram from the Paleo bloggers, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. They’re an impractical indulgence just for me. 

How I Save Money with Bundle Discounts - primal pit paste2 all-natural deodorants & 2 lip balms from Primal Pit Paste

$31.80 $27.03 (15% off coupon)


Pit Paste is the new Internet celebrity of natural deodorants. People can’t believe how well it works, and it’s 100% safe. Hubby won’t even contemplate using my homemade stuff, so I’m going to buy him some to replace the highly toxic stuff he uses now.

I’m a sucker for lip balm, so we’ll grab a couple of those too while they’re on sale.

This means a total savings of $64.87.  That equals a lot of meat and veggies for the week.

How I Save Money with Bundle Discounts


(affiliate disclosure)

Here is a complete list of discounts to help you save some money —

  • 10% off OraWellness
  • 25% off Squatty Potty
  • 20% off dōterra Essential Oils
  • 50% off PrimalPal meal plans
  • 15% off Primal Pit Paste
  • 20% off Chomp Sticks
  • 10% off Eating Evolved
  • 20% off Vintage Tradition
  • 15% off Nikki’s Coconut Butter
  • $100 off Paleo Cooking at Home
  • 30% off Natural Health Goodies Vitamin D Drops
  • 80% off Primal Cooking Workshop
  • 20% off Scratch Mommy Skin Care
  • 25% off The Primal Blueprint Store
  • 15% off Yonderhill Farm Goat Milk Soap
  • 10% off Culture for Health Starter Cultures
  • $65 off PaleoFit/PaleoPlan for 12 months
  • $99 off 12 month package from Dietitian Cassie
  • $5 off first time Wild Mountain Paleo order with min. purchase of $49
  • 10% off Bulletproof excluding kits, 5 lbs bags of coffee, and some tech items
  • 50% off Real Food Challenge with Aglaee the Paleo Dietitian
  • $35 gift card towards Monthly supply of Artisan Meat from The Bos Life
  • 25% off Aroy-D Coconut Milk from Wild Mountain Paleo (6 packs of 8.5oz BPA-Free with a limit of 4 six packs per order, no limit on re-orders)
Harvest Your Health Bundle

This sale is available through tomorrow only. If you’re a nutrition nerd, check out the 21 Day Paleo Cleanse by Neely Quinn, Hypoglycemia by Matt Stone, and Tips and Tricks to Remineralize and Repair Your Cavities Now by Ramiel Nagel.

Those are my top 3 so far.

One of the hidden little gems for me is Salve Made Simple by Jennifer Saleem. This spring, I will be making a full complement of medicinal salves from the ‘weeds’ in my garden.

You’ll get —

52 health resource ebooks
23 healthy lifestyle discounts
5 real food meal plans
3 online magazine subscriptions
1 month to an online fitness plan
1 private kitchen community membership

(total value $887 )

How I Save Money with Bundle Discounts

How I Save Money with Bundle Discounts


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