Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

living room

When you are living without a kitchen, eating real food can be one serious challenge.

Food restrictions create even more obstacles and make it that much harder to eat well.


Take a quick peek into what we ate during our 3 days of home demolition…




Breakfasts were mainly things I made in advance or could easily whip up in the food processor.


pumpkin pie smoothie

stewed apples


Chocolate Pudding

banana, avocado, cocoa powder, dates (pits removed), pure maple syrup, and unrefined salt





Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

canned pumpkin, avocado, vanilla extract, pure maple syrup, spices, and unrefined salt






Stewed Apples

apples, grass-fed butter, cinnamon, and unrefined salt








Katie and I eat almost every 2 hours to keep our blood sugar regulated, so there’s always something snacky around my house.

banana ice cream

Banana Ice Cream

Frozen banana, dates, vanilla extract, unrefined salt















I picked out the stain for the floors today, so we’re another step closer…whee!












(top one) 1 part ebony plus 3 parts dark walnut








Lunches and Dinners

Meals were a bit of a free-for-all. We did use the microwave to heat up the chili and hot dogs for one meal and our water for tea, but otherwise steered clear.

We’re not big fans of the microwave. Mine’s generally used as a giant timer that sits above the stove or a handy fermentation cabinet.

chili dogs



Chili Dogs

leftover chili, grass-fed hot dogs, fermented sauerkraut, mustard



tuna salad 2


Tuna Salad 1

We had a couple of variations on tuna salad.

This one was skipjack tuna, raw onions, fermented sauerkraut, diced fermented pickles, raw apple cider vinegar, and olive oil.

I also added cayenne and cumin to mine.

tuna salad



Tuna Salad 2

The other was skipjack tuna, sprouted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, kimchi, coleslaw veggie mix, with the same apple cider vinegar/olive oil mix for dressing (pretty common in my house for salads).



  • We’re now at my in-laws until the house is finished and beautimous, so stay tuned for an update in the next week or so!
Need More Ideas?

Other possibilities for kitchenless meals and snacks are rotisserie chicken, jarred olives, sprouted seeds and nuts, additive-free beef jerky, additive-free cold cuts, fresh fruit, hummus and veggies or chips, hard-boiled eggs, and raw cheeses.

I also like to check out the raw snack aisle and pick up some sprouted seed cookies for bribery emergencies when Katie’s around.

If you’re part of the high-powered blender crowd, you can even get away with hot soups.

I hope that sparks some ideas for you while traveling, remodeling, or dealing with other challenging situations that require creative eating!

What are your favorite go-to foods when you can’t cook?


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