Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

I cannot believe the blanket of crabbiness that has been draped over me for the last week. I can’t seem to kick it, and it seems to come in waves. I know the cause is somewhere between what I am eating and possible detox from all of the extra ferments. My most prominent symptoms are dark circles around my eyes and adrenal/hormone related – short-tempered, cranky, fatigued, and mainly just want to be left alone. Here’s what I plan to do about it starting tonight.


  • a quick shower in the morning (no time for two detox baths daily)
  • oil pull
  • at least one freshly-pressed juice
  • strict rotation diet (we’ve been too loose with it this week)
  • therapeutic tea – nettle, dandelion, green tea with lemon balm, white tea
  • dry brush before bath
  • detox bath every night before bed
  • possibly yoga if my adrenal glands feel up to it
  • NO grains/ferments/allergens

Wish me luck! I don’t want to go into full detox mode, so I’m not going to pile on too many methods at once.

Any suggestions for a great method I missed?

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