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Currently, Katie has significantly improved her toxic load and GI issues but still has leaky gut and digestion problems. After a recent visit to our MD, we have added an enlarged thyroid to the list. WHAT?! Yeah, I’m still a little freaked out. She’s three and should not have to worry about anything more than how to aggravate the cat without getting bit. My MD is very relaxed about all of her symptoms, and that has made my stress level power down a bit. I took her in to ask about the significant itching Katie often has. I keep seeing references to liver dysfunction linked to excessive itching and it’s been worrisome. Funny that after the visit I realized it was probably a histamine issue. :sigh: Way to over complicate things mom. Our doc is happy that we are on GAPS and doesn’t believe that we need to draw her blood for any allergy testing or do more than give her a small amount of seaweed daily (10 mcg of iodine) for her thyroid. I’m always happy with her gentle approach. 

I have reconsidered the allergy testing though. I have had such dramatic results from avoiding the foods I’m most sensitive to and I want that for Katie also. Hubby and Katie will both have theirs done at the same time to help ease her into it. I stopped vaccinating her at three months and she hasn’t been touched by a needle since. We’re all a little nervous.
Her skin is generally clear unless she is exposed to an allergen. If she ingests a food that her body is incompatible with, she gets small red bumps on her belly, thighs, nether region, and cheeks (face). If the exposure is continuous, we will start to see signs of rough skin that verges on scaly on her cheeks and shins (eczema). I’m happy to say that her feet are baby soft again. The skin on the bottom was getting rough – another sign of body dysfunction -. There has been a return of cradle cap recently that definitely doesn’t please me. I think that’s due to introducing grains again and moving too far away from the healing broths of GAPS. All in all, we’re moving in a positive direction with her skin issues.
I’m not totally sure where we stand on digestive issues. Based on her stools, she does digest food better overall. But does she have trouble digesting certain foods like raw food or is it based on the foods she’s eaten with and around it that make her belly sensitive? There are still issues with gas and bellyaches unless we’re very close to an intro diet. I just can’t diagnose until I know exactly what her food sensitivities are. Frustrating but at least we’re getting somewhere.
I’ll add her allergy test as a blog post that mirrors mine (as soon as I finish mine and post it).

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