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Though we live in a large metropolitan area, you can still find small towns tucked in among the larger cities. Keego Harbor, Michigan is one of our favorite.

main collage

christmas_flag tree float

Yes, you really did just see that.

emergency rescue float

Ice Cream Cone

If you are surrounded by lakes, there are always boats on display…


kt collage

After the parade, we planted some flowers for the front porch and came in to the smell of burning plastic. Thanks fridge.


The rain rolled in and kept us company on our trip to put a flag on my Pa’s grave for his brave military service.


Since the kitchen was out of order, we went with Plan B and made a detour before coming home.


Though our afternoon at the carnival and evening cookout at the beach didn’t pan out with the rain, I saved the fridge, the house didn’t burn down, and Katie and I had an adventuresome little day.

7 more days until hubby returns from his business trip…