Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

I caved and ate some candy over the last couple of days, Peeps and Cadbury Cream Eggs. Yuck…and a bit yummy. Thankfully, it was nothing close to the flavor in my memory. Time to replace that memory! I’m not feeling my best and am reacting to the egg whites in the Cadbury eggs (should have read ingredients first and not just allergen info; they didn’t include it in the bold print allergen info). Today will be about cleansing and nutrient-dense foods to support my body in rebalancing itself. Our bodies use extra nutrients during stressful times, and even a mild allergic reaction is stressful to the body.

The symptoms from my reaction (I believe this is specifically related to the eggs): flushed face, feeling like it’s hard to catch my breath, lungs hurt and feel tight, endorphin rushes, exhaustion after eating meals, stiff finger joints & swelling (tendinitis symptoms returning),  itchy scalp, restlessness, skin irritation & sensitivity, and red bumps will start by this evening on my main skin detox areas.

Since there is often curiosity over what my healing methods are, I thought I would share them on occasion to hopefully answer some questions. My body now responds well to light cleansing. You’ll notice that much of what I do is very gentle but it’s quite effective for me. Everyone has different requirements so healing must be tailor-made for each person and will change as our body’s needs change. I start to dump toxins too quickly when I overdo the detox treatments, and it makes me quite ill. Not fun.

Today’s support and detox methods:

house cleaning (light exercise to get my circulatory and lymph system moving and stress relief of having a clean house)


6 pills of broken cell wall chlorella and fermented turmeric

organic potatoes with Celtic sea salt fried in duck fat and mixed with sauteed spinach

carrot and kale freshly-pressed juice with 10 drops Concentrace trace minerals

time outside in the fresh air and sunshine

salad of organic dandelion leaves (foraged from the yard), sardines, wakame flakes (seaweed), organic cold-pressed olive oil (Bariani from California), and Celtic sea salt

I was very tired and fatigued throughout much of the day, but I was able to keep going far past my usual stop time. I think the extra movement and green foods helped to flush out some of the allergens and allowed my body to alkalize and rebalance quite quickly. I hope that a good night’s sleep will have me almost back to normal tomorrow. The only lingering effects should be dark marks on the inside corners of my eyes (I don’t get full undereye circles anymore), some fatigue, and skin breakouts. I’ll take my adrenal support for the next couple of days to give them a boost and hopefully get back on track. Kind of. I’ve been battling with the die off from kombucha with s. boulardii and am trying to find a balance with drinking it and still functioning normally. It’s kicking my BUTT between the allergic reaction to too much yeast and the toxin die off. That donkey kick of a drink has it’s own post in the works.

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