Customized Real Food Meal Plans  
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There are 3 resources I use for coupons right now. Since I just started this journey, I am starting small. Baby Steps.

Money Saving Mom is where it all started for me. More ideas to stretch my budget, the budgeting envelope system, and sources for coupons I can actually use are plucked from what I have read over there. I signed up for 2 e-mail lists in addition to checking her site, Organic Deals and Healthy Life Deals.

I do not aim to shave hundreds of dollars off my grocery bill each week. I never want to be an extreme couponer nor spend the majority of my time looking for ‘deals’. I am just happy to save a couple of dollars when the opportunity presents itself.

I know there must be a ton of couponing resources out there for organic and non-processed foods. What are your favorites?

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