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New eBook: Feed your Fertility by Acupuncturist Emily Bartlett

For those of us working to reverse chronic illnesses, hormones are a part of healing. Even if you aren’t trying to conceive, you just can’t achieve optimal health without it.

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Can I take a moment to mention how cute those teeny little toes in the header picture are? Even if you’re not hoping for a little bundle of joy, baby feet should still make you a little mushy.

Ahem, back to business…

Hormones are essentially messengers carrying directives to different cells of the body:

‘start stomach acid production’

‘downregulate insulin production’

‘increase estrogen’

Our entire body relies on the endocrine system to orchestrate homeostasis.

How Can a Fertility Book Help Me?

I find fertility books to be a great way for women to address hormonal dysfunction during the childbearing years. The advice functions across the board no matter where you stand on the babymaking end of it.

Trying to avoid conception? Take the healing advice and use the charting plan to tell the Mister which days to sleep on the couch.

Trying to conceive? Easy peasy. Follow the book!

The adrenal glands are responsible for sex hormone production before puberty and after menopause.

Those exhausted adrenal glands that we run ragged aren’t able to pick up the baton at the end of the ‘race’ and cause mass chaos within the body. Hormone imbalances aren’t pretty.

We think it’s completely normal in our modern age. Severe mood changes, hair loss, and drenching night sweats are anything but normal and are a result of the lifelong dysfunctional endocrine system that many of us live with.

If You Have Struggled with Infertility…

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I have had my nose buried in this book since last night. I don’t have any training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so I’m fascinated with everything about it. I especially love when it overlaps with my training in holistic therapies.

Plus, I’ve been building up my nutrient stores for the last few months to have another little one. I just turned 35 and haven’t yet reached optimal health, so I need all the help I can get for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

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Feed Your Fertility

Emily Bartlett is the acupuncturist and real foodie behind the blog Holistic Squid, and I love how she can give advice that’s practical to the Western world yet follows the balance of Eastern medicine.

Take a look through the table of contents and you’ll see just how in-depth and thorough Feed Your Fertility is:

fertility_TOC fertility_TOC2

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