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Nourished Baby - a guide to the real healthy first foods, the latest research on raising healthy lids, and over 50 must-have recipes for the whole family.Your child will only eat 3 foods. You’re pregnant and you want to get your little bean started off right. Or maybe you have no kids and just love fun food.

Read our story to find out how we healed over 20 of my daughter’s food allergies and her adrenal fatigue with real food.

Whatever your reason, Nourished Baby is the single best practical resource for somebody new to the real food world.

“This is an excellent book – readable, insightful, and most importantly, useful! Heather not only tells you the WHY but gives you the HOW TO, to get your baby started on the path to good health. Her passion for health and good eating spills out of this book and into the kitchens of those who read it. The recipes will introduce you and your family to tasty, good-for-you dishes! Nourished Baby is a definite must have for EVERY parent!” – Margo

Already in the know about real food?

For those of us who have been at it for awhile, you will want it for the recipes.

Bunless sloppy joes, probiotic fruit roll-ups, my ketchup recipe, and quite a few other yumilicious new recipes have joined up with blackened salmon with pineapple mango salsa, beef jerky, fermented apple butter, and a rockin’ take on Orange Julius in the second edition Nourished Baby by Heather Dessinger (better known as the Mommypotamus).  

There are well over 50 recipes and they’re all good. Like really good.

Preview the book here.

Or join me and get a copy of Nourished Baby for yourself!


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