One of the things I love about blogging is that it can change with me. I can take the time to sit back and reflect when life requires changes and let the blog evolve as those changes happen.

I have reached a period where my passions have taken another turn. Impending motherhood (again) and a hubby who now works way too many hours requires a new direction. My soul needs to be appeased along with the needs of my family.


How To Get the Biggest Health Benefits from Fruits and Veggies

How To Get the Biggest Health Benefits from Fruits and Veggies

Note from Jennifer: Now that most of us are enjoying summer produce, it’s a great time to visit a local farmers’ market or grow your own. Paisley is here to share a little insight into why local is so much better than grocery store organic.

Why You Need to Eat Fruits and Vegetables That Are In Season

By now, everyone has heard of the benefits of eating organic. Pesticides add up when you eat them on a daily basis.

What most people don’t know is that there are far more benefits to eating fruits and vegetables that are in season than just looking for organic.


How To Make Herbal Tea Jello and Why You Want To

How To Make an Herbal Tea Jello & Benefits

I have a confession…

With this pregnancy, I can’t stop eating jello.

Wiggly, giggly, fruity homemade jello (or technically “gelatin dessert”) full of healing, nutrient-dense ingredients.

Herbal tea jello is where it’s at.

If you’re not familiar with the healing benefits of gelatin, it’s a true superfood when combined with herbal teas.


Castor Oil Packs for Detoxification, Allergies, and Liver Health

Castor Oil Packs for Detoxification, Allergies, and Liver Health

Once upon a time, I found a magic remedy that was easy for anyone to do and made me look like a superhero healer. It also made me feel like a million bucks and got rid of my dark under eye circles.

Though nobody with a chronic illness lives happily ever after with a single remedy, castor oil packs are still a super star to add to your toolbox.

Castor Oil Packs


What I’m Reading Around the Web (First Trimester Edition) 5-16-2014

What I'm Reading Around the Web (First Trimester Edition) 5-16-2014

Did you catch that? Yep, I’m looking at articles on pregnancy.

We are unexpectedly expecting! 

After much debate, I had decided I really wanted to adopt our second child. The hubs and I wanted to have a biological child and adopt one, but then we went back and forth on the issue over the last 2 years.

Do we want one…do we want to adopt…am I healthy enough to carry another child…how much will an adopted child disrupt our household and will it negatively affect sensitive little Katie…

…and on and on.

So, we bit the bullet and I finally spoke with an adoption counselor 2 weeks ago about a sweet little girl very close to Katie’s age (6). 

Exactly 7 days later, I got a big fat positive pregnancy test. Surprise!

Watch out for those Italians, ladies. 😉

Here’s what I’m reading around the web —