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If you have never been to a day spa, they are just this side of Heaven. If they were free and didn’t include the jolt of reality after you walk back out the door, they would definitely be on the far side of the pearly gates. Pure Salon and Day Spa in Commerce Township, Michigan does not disappoint. Those of you who follow my blog know that I avoid chemicals and mainly use food-based health products like homemade deodorant to reduce my toxic load. I was worried about being bombarded with synthetic poisons and leaving sick from the fumes and the oils. I even brought my own olive oil just in case their massage oils were too perfumed for me. Not a whiff of a problem. Nada. Nothing. Lovely.

To my great mortification, I was late. I scurried through the front door and was greeted by a large reception room that opened into an even larger sitting area just beyond the front desk. High-end finishes, warm colors, inviting sitting areas, and genuine smiles from the staff made a great first impression. No sight or smell of the salon chaos I expected to see upon entering. This looked promising. The reception staff were all busy greeting other, ahem, on time guests so I expected a long wait. My massage therapist greeted me almost immediately and whisked me away. She said that I could check in after we finished, so it didn’t cut in to the massage time. No punishment for making her wait? No eye rolling and sighing? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Once she guided me into the well-appointed locker room to change into my robe and slippers, another staff member smilingly told me I could step into a sauna before my massage since she had just turned one on. Um, I’m sorry. Me? Is this what celebrities feel like? Though the staff is usually quite pleasant at other spas, I’ve always felt a bit like a nameless number. Number 12? Right this way please. Per the advice of my massage therapist, I left the locker room, cozy in my fuzzy white robe, and entered the lounge to wait while my room was prepared. The lounge was spacious with plush chairs spaced at comfortable intervals. The lights were quite dim and my senses immediately took in the sound of a large, bubbling fountain as I settled down to relax. The outside world had definitely retreated. I snuggled in to stare at the flames at the fireplace across the room. There were no artificial scents piped into any of the rooms I had visited thus far. No chemical air ‘fresheners’ peppered about to offend my senses, no smell of treatments, or clash of perfumed oils. It was refreshing to not struggle for clean air.

Then came Shirley, my massage therapist, to lead me down another hallway to my room. Seriously? This place keeps going? It is conveniently located in a popular, high-end strip mall and looks deceivingly small from the outside. We entered the massage room and I was pleased to see it was spacious, calming, and soothed my senses even further. The air was cool but the bed was warm as I slipped into its cocoon of blankets. The cooler air was a nice touch that kept me from getting overheated during the massage. I was in awe of Shirley’s knowledge of qi, chakras, and her ability to know what type of massage I most needed. I happily put myself in her capable hands. Her wisdom as a healer and Reiki master made this witch doctor envious. My time there transcended a normal massage, but I don’t anticipate this to be everyone’s experience. Even so, there is no way you will leave disappointed. She lulled me into relaxation and energy balance with hot stones, wise hands, and pure, healing essential oils. What really blew me away was her genuine devotion to clearing my energy stagnation and healing.

After I dressed and floated back to the front desk, the owner offered to personally escort me on a tour of the 14,000 square foot edifice. No wonder it seemed so vast. It is. Wait a minute. It’s Saturday and they’re busy. A tour? For me? Sweet! I don’t have to pass through those doors and go back to reality yet. The owner, Debra Lock, is sweet and refreshing. She genuinely loves being in the business of making people happy. What a job! The salon – which I was not looking forward to visiting for the toxic cloud I expected – was filled with pleasant scents, laughter, and happy, beautiful people. Every space I visited was clean, clean, clean. I love this place!

The salon and day spa is a combination of warm and cool colors with refined yet lush furnishings. The overall environment is soothing in the spa and vibrant in the salon, a perfect balance for the retreat that we all wish for when entering an establishment of pampering. I go beyond recommending a visit and say you MUST go. Save your pennies, ask for an early Christmas present, or just plain splurge but definitely treat yourself. You deserve it.

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