Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

Let’s unleash the randomness of run-on sentences and rambling thoughts!

Boy have I been quiet lately. With an uber busy December and the flu to help start my new year on a humble note, I have been kicking ideas around in my head for blog posts but nothing is quite ready to spew forth. I began seeing Katie’s doctor and she is a beacon of light in a medical world gone sour. I have just started on Adrenal Complex by Standard Process and hope it works as well for me as it does for my doctor. She has gone through a gut healing protocol herself for food sensitivities and has adrenal fatigue. Plus, she believes in bone broth. Can you believe it?! The only time I’ve ever taken Katie for a sick visit, she suggested breast milk in Katie’s eyes for mucous discharge and white tea to drink to help our bodies fight the germ. I was so grateful to have such natural remedies suggested for a 4 month old. They worked like a charm and I’ve been a big fan ever since. What was I saying? Oh yeah. In December, I had blood drawn for the Genova food sensitivity test (full panel) and the results just came in, so I hope that takes care of most of the remaining symptoms I have and it’s not all related to adrenal fatigue. I’m getting pretty tired of feeling ewwy so often. Food sensitivities are much easier to take care of short term than adrenal fatigue. The only supplementation I’m currently taking is 10,000 IU of vitamin D [for 2 months or until it improves, on recommendation of my doctor since my level tested at 23 last month] + 1/2 t-1T fermented cod liver oil almost daily and the Adrenal Complex (I’m on day 1 of that one). Katie has been doing pretty well but the dark circles under her eyes are back and her demeanor is slightly less sweet at times. Yep, we’ve been eating grains. I am about ready to completely remove them from our diets again except on rare occasions, but I need to find my footing again first. Right now, my body is craving raw foods and white tea…and pizza with strawberry shakes but that’s another story. Sick = cravings for junk food. I’d love to reset that trigger. I’d like to move our diet to 50-70% raw depending on the time of year and the needs of our body that day. I think that will be a summer time goal when my long-awaited garden is planted and producing and plant abundance has returned to SE Michigan. :deep breath: I think that about covers the main points.

DDC (Dark Days Challenge): I have been keeping up with eating seasonally and locally as much as is feasible for my family, and the challenge has allowed me to see how much I have incorporated local products into each meal. I don’t set aside food for a DDC meal necessarily, but use local ingredients in whatever I cook. Staples lately are beef, eggs, raw milk, oats, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, and cabbage. DDC will be my first official post to get me back in the game. I’m hoping this weekend.

Happy germ dodging everyone! According to the posts on facebook, it’s that time again.

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