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The store I exclusively buy shea butter from is having a sale for their website relaunch! I have done much Internet research and found Sharika’s prices to be most reasonable for a fair trade product, and I love supporting a mama run company. She was wonderfully supportive when I thanked her and let her know I was using her products for my daughter with food allergies and eczema. She has six children so knows the ropes with taking care of little ones!

Use the code NEWBNB to get 15% off your entire order through June 27, 2011. I’m not affiliated with her company, just love her products and customer service! I always order in 5 pound increments for a bit of cost savings. I even saved an additional few dollars by changing my shipping from priority mail to ground. I think we can all be happy saving a few pennies these days (especially us GAPSters).

Remember how Gus used Windex in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Yeah, that’s how I use shea butter. We use it on cat bites (Katie likes to antagonize the cat), scratches, eczema, bruises, burns (after the heat is gone), cysts (some acne-related are popping up as I heal with GAPS), dry skin and lips, wrinkles, as sunscreen, furniture polish, and I’m about to try it as a hair deep conditioner. It is also reportedly used as a cooking oil in Africa, so I feel completely safe putting it on our skin and have used it since I was pregnant with Katie.

Raw shea butter has all the benefits of traditional fats. It’s unrefined so teeming with good stuff. Instead of rambling on about the health benefits, here’s a couple links that tout them.

(did a search for ‘shea butter’ on my favorite natural remedies website and it popped up for quite a few conditions)

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