Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

I recently inquired on Facebook if there were any recipes that you would like me to work on and feature in the upcoming months.

And guess what?

You need to know how to actually feed yourself and your family within the dogma that is real food, healing diets, food rotations, and allergies.

Real Food for Real People

Your responses have shown me that more than needing a recipe here and there, there’s an overwhelming need to make real food doable for the average person.  

I already have some of your requests and will work on putting together a series to help you prep ahead, cook in batches, some quick serve recipes for busy nights, and make everything allergy-friendly.

I may occasionally feature rice for those who eat grains, but the majority of the recipes will be grain-free.

Need More?

For those of you who need information from A-Z and soup to nuts, I will begin offering rotation diet meal plans that includes everything to help you make this lifestyle work.

We’ll start the meal plans on January 1st, just in time to start your new year off right. More about that in the coming weeks.

Tell Me What YOU Need

Do me a favor. Take a quick minute to fill out the form below and tell me what would help you be more successful in the kitchen.


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