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Please note that these sample meal plans did not always follow our ideal diet. They are, however, chock full of food to accommodate restrictions for 3 different people – 2 with food allergies and 1 with food allergies and diabetes.

If you are unfamiliar with rotation diets, start here:

What Is A Rotation Diet? {Part 1}

What Is A Rotation Diet? {Part 2}


Click to download the free menu planning template that I use for my weekly meal plans: Menu Plan Template


Week 1: How Do You Feed a Family with All Those Restrictions?

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6: And a Note on the New Budget

Week 7: + Grocery Receipts

Week 8
Week 8: Kitchen Inventory & Grocery Receipts

Week 9
Week 9: Kitchen Inventory & Grocery Receipts