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Please note that these sample meal plans did not always follow our ideal diet. They are, however, chock full of food to accommodate restrictions for 3 different people – 2 with food allergies and 1 with food allergies and diabetes.

If you are unfamiliar with rotation diets, start here:

What Is A Rotation Diet? {Part 1}

What Is A Rotation Diet? {Part 2}

(scroll down for a service that does all the work for you!)

Click to download the free menu planning template that I use for my weekly meal plans: Menu Plan Template

Week 1: How Do You Feed a Family with All Those Restrictions?

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6: And a Note on the New Budget

Week 7: + Grocery Receipts

Week 8
Week 8: Kitchen Inventory & Grocery Receipts

Week 9
Week 9: Kitchen Inventory & Grocery Receipts

Don’t want to create your own meal plans or just on a rotation diet for part of the family? My friend and fellow real food blogger, Emily of Holistic Squid, has an incredible meal plan service used by us busy moms and many of my NTP colleagues.

Here’s the secret to feeding your family real food without a 25 hour 8 day week…


Customizable dishes, ingredient lists, room to add your own recipes and available as an app on your smartphone (Apple or Android) as well as your computer.

Eat better. Eliminate dinner paralysis for real. And stop wasting money on food you never get around to cooking. #nomorescienceprojects

Choose from Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo (!!!), Primal, real food with gluten- and dairy-free option, and lacto ovo vegetarian menus.

Prices range from $6-14 a month. To me, that’s a bare minimum of 8 hours I get back for the month. Can’t you think of at least a hundred other things that you could do with an extra 2 hours a week? Click here to try it out

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