Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

I needed a break so took a couple of weeks off from menu planning – to my pocketbook and stress level’s detriment -. I am back at it this week, so I thought I would share my plan for the week. I hope it will help spark some ideas for those of you struggling with meal plans and/or a rotation diet for allergies.

This is my plan for the week and what we use to grocery shop from. This is often not how our meals go for the week. The components get switched around, substituted, and sometimes completely omitted. No matter how much I change it through the week, it is still a huge help and worth the 3-4 hours that it still takes me to plan it out. The stress relief alone from trying to figure out what to eat every couple of hours makes it worth its weight in gold.


Note: the khaki-colored foods are for hubby

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