This week’s Baby Step is broth.

Broth may just be the most important step to incorporate into a healing routine. Think of it as the ultimate multi-mineral supplement and a most perfect way to get a balanced and easily absorbed source of calcium. No dairy? No problem!

I wanted to save this Baby Step until the weather cooled down (who is going to start brewing up vats of broth in 90 degree weather?).

Since Saturday was the first day of fall and it is chillier than chilly here in SE Michigan, it’s time to really jump start the healing process!

So far we have changed out dangerous processed salt for unrefined salt, are taking healing, system cleansing detox baths, began working on changing the ingredients in your favorite recipes to real food recipes, and are now swapping out unhealthy fats for nutrient-dense healing ones.

The Benefits of Broth […]