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Katherine Lanell was born 5 years ago today. Named after my grandmothers, she truly received the best qualities of each of them and has done a miraculous job filling some very large shoes.

My bright shining star came into the world and changed it forever.

The suffering she went through while I furiously poured through website after website looking for an answer to her never-ending bellyaches, pain after eating, and inability to sleep still makes my heart ache. [Katie’s story]

And yet, she has led us on this journey with so much love, acceptance, and understanding that I feel humbled to be in her life and even more so to be her mother.



Her sweet spirit and generous nature touches everyone she meets, and her quirky humor ensures the smile lasts the day.

There’s no going back once you’ve met my Katie.

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Happy birthday my love. I am truly blessed to be your mother.kt_2