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As many of you know from Facebook, I recently started my program to become certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. With the two years that I have been avidly researching and using my friends and family as guinea pigs, I have only scratched the surface of healing with nutrition.

In the three weeks since I started this (very intensive) course, my world has been rocked by what I have learned. Here’s just a crumb:

  • Registered dietitians and government-sanctioned nutritionists are sponsored by Hershey’s, Coca-Cola, and Aramark (who provide hospitals with the swill they call food) to name a few of the main supporters of the nation’s health program (source). Lovely.
  • Foot odor is usually caused by a magnesium deficiency or toxic liver.
  • Healing most chronic illnesses and conditions starts with supporting the upper GI region (stomach and pancreas), because it’s a trickle down effect. Liver and gall bladder are usually the second stage of healing.

What does this mean for you?  

I can now share specific information on how certain nutrients treat conditions and allow the body to heal. Many of us know that bone broth is great and the benefits of cod liver oil, but don’t really know how they work. We can explore that together.

You can also follow along as I share what tools and techniques I use to further my family’s healing, and the new diagnoses that I find along the way.

Speaking of my family, why don’t I share a health update while we’re getting personal?

ice skating_Detroit 647px

Ice skating adventures – no make up, red noses, 16 layers of clothing, and tons of fun

Katie’s Floating Like a Butterfly and Stinging Like a Bee

My little girl, who was the sickest of us all, has become the healthiest over the last year. Her allergy restrictions are down to 3 foods in our regular diet – tomatoes, strawberries, and citrus – and can even handle dairy and wheat with no bellyaches. That’s HUGE.

She has the occasional itchy mouth or mucous build up if I’m not rotating our foods well (that’s one of my weak areas at times), but overall her main symptoms are now emotionally based with patience/listening issues. Those usually clear within a day on their own without any remedy intervention on my part.

Motion sickness has been kicked to the curb. When Katie’s nutrients are balanced and she’s not dealing with any food reactions, her inner ear is able to stabilize and car rides have finally become enjoyable.

We have also healed her cavities for a second time. Halloween was her first taste of commercial junk candy, and there were way too many slips during the sweet and grain-filled holiday season. Her newly healed teeth were more painful than ever, and one was so bad during eating that she needed a straw to drink even room temperature liquids.

Some pastured eggs, lots of raw dairy (a little too much actually), fish eggs, Vitamin D, whole food Vitamin C, and the occasional dose of fermented cod liver oil (find it here*) were enough to reestablish her fat-soluble vitamin and mineral stores.

*affiliate link

As of the last two days, she can eat and brush her teeth with ZERO pain and the soft spots are hardening nicely. Phew! Mountains full of mom guilt has been my constant companion for the last couple of months.

If you’d like to learn more about her tooth healing protocol, click here to see the book I used for reference. It’s amazing.

Hubby Has Some Work to Do

My poor husband is still in rough shape.

He’s a bit resistant to many of my healing methods but will do some of them if I do all the work for him. A homeschooled child at home all day and two businesses to run take up much of my time, and I just haven’t made it as much of a priority as I would like to.

Right now, his diabetic condition is stable. His fasting blood sugar levels were hovering in the 100-120 range for several weeks as job stress went up, but we have been able to bring them back down this past week with the addition of some sugar-stabilizing nutrients like zinc, magnesium, chromium, etc.

Under eye circles have been an issue for years, but they’ve become a concern for me over the last year. Some days are much worse than others, and work stress has made them a lot worse. To me, that says liver and possibly kidney issues.

Until I learn the ‘functional evaluation’ that will help me figure out what specific areas need top priority and what nutrients will work best, I’m going to focus on physical detox methods like dry brushing, detox baths, oil pulling, chiropractic care, rebounding for lymph movement, etc. and nutrient support.

The main nutrients we focus on are the detox support vitamins like the B’s and C and all the fat-soluble vitamins for rebuilding.

We’ll also work hard to get the upper GI organs supported and functioning properly. Hubby will take digestive enzymes and possibly hydrochloric acid (HCl) to make sure his food is being properly broken down.

That’s the first step in healing his conditions for good.

And Now Some Good News from Your Local Voodoo Practitioner

This update has gotten very looooong, so I’ll keep it brief.

I have cleared so many health conditions that I would love to shout it from the roof if it wasn’t so far off the ground.

Here are the main symptoms that I have been able to clear:

  • lower back pain: gone
  • shortness of breath: gone
  • random nausea: gone
  • tendonitis in hands and wrist: gone
  • acne: gone
  • excess weight: gone
  • fear of the dark: gone
  • motion sickness: gone
  • hair no longer falls out in copious amounts
  • tolerance and patience have now replaced introversion and short fuse as part of my personality
  • agoraphobia (fear of public places; mine was a moderate fear of leaving the house): gone
  • anxiety: gone
  • body odor: gone
  • fear of the dark: gone
  • brain fog: gone
  • forgetfulness: almost gone
  • chronic fatigue/adrenal fatigue: about 70% better

Thanks for sticking around for that novel. What health issues are you looking for answers to?

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