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The Most Unexpected Gut Healing Food Ever

 WHAT?! Has she lost her mind?!

Gut healing has been a byword in my house since April 2011. The usual protocol of this witch doctor went out the window two weeks ago when I used white flour to heal from an unexpected brush with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

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This is how I healed a short-term acute illness.

A little background…

The Anniversary Dinner

As I posted about recently, I was struck down with a particularly nasty reaction to a food or chemical additive that I had the misfortune to gobble down.

The evening prior to being struck down like a Mack truck rearranged my guts, I ate eggs, pasteurized dairy, and grains. All things I normally steer clear of, but a high-end restaurant with quality ingredients allowed me to splurge a bit with no side effects for my wedding anniversary.

The Incident

The next day, my hubby picked me up my old favorite treat of baked goods as a treat. He mistakenly picked up cheap, mass-produced donuts from a popular Canadian chain that has made its way down to the States.

I mistakenly gobbled them down like a crack addict with a new score. Sugar addictions suck.

My body reacted accordingly with a gastrointestinal shutdown.


My Odd Healing Protocol

My GI tract was swollen and irritated to the point that I could not keep any foods in it for more than 10 minutes. And, let’s just say, I wasn’t throwing it back up.

All of my usual healing foods were making me sick, and I didn’t know how to stop it. Anything that involved protein or fat were absolute hands down no-nos.

I finally started listing to my body and ate what sounded good. Initially, a bite or two of white rice and small meals of organic Saltine-style crackers were the only thing that would stick around for any length of time.

I healed my gut by eating white flour crackers.

After almost a week of mainly crackers and a trial meal here and there when I was starving for real food, I was ready to tackle toast. I moved on to a white flour/potato starch/oat flour style white bread and had toast once or twice a day with all-fruit jam. My favorite local raw honey did not make for a happy tummy, so it got chucked for the less-healthy jam.

Once the inflammation was down and I could keep all of my meals, ahem, in, I moved on to boiled pastured chicken and broth and slowly worked my way back to real gut healing foods to reverse the damage and build up my nutrient stores again.


On one hand, I am grateful to understand my daughter’s bellyaches and the issues with IBS that so many suffer from.

On the other hand, that was just not cool.

Moral of the Story: Listen to your gut. Eat the foods that your body responds well to and let go of the rules for a bit. There’s time to get back to a good diet when you can actually eat again.


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