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Well, hello dry and boring update.

The cleansing day on Monday really made a difference in how we slept and woke up on Tuesday. I am still slightly short-tempered and fatigued, and Katie is occasionally whiny. Otherwise, it was almost a miraculous difference in how we felt. I’m not sure if our current ickiness is due to an extended reaction or too much exposure to allergens. I’ve repeated a couple of foods for a few days and may be paying for it. I think it’s probably a combination, but rebalancing gut flora must be taking a toll. I’ve been too tired for baths, so Katie will be taking one this afternoon and I hope to get one this evening. It’s much harder now since Katie no longer goes to preschool (we’re homeschooling & I’ll explore that more in future posts), and I go to bed by 10 o’clock most nights. I think that is my most clear sign that my adrenal glands are healing is being tired by 10 every night. I used to be the most hardened night owl and stay up until between 12-2 every night.

I’m continuing with juicing once a day, taking in as many ferments as we crave, and adding gelatin when I can. We continue to take our cod liver oil and elderberry concentrate daily. I also made a liver pate of chicken livers, bacon, onions, garlic, copious amounts of ghee, and balsamic vinegar that Katie couldn’t get enough of spread on thinly sliced apples. I’ll post the recipe once hubby and I like it too…if I can get us to like it. I’m going to make some rye sourdough crackers and bread with balsamic onions for our next taste test. I really want to like it.

My homemade SCOBY is finally ready to use! I’m making my first official batch of kombucha right now and can’t wait to see if it turns out right. Love that stuff. We’re also on our second batch of water kefir and the last batch was a little sweet since the grains aren’t too active yet. Katie loved it with some frozen raspberries thrown in for a second ferment. It almost tasted like fruit punch. I’m going to add frozen blueberries to the current batch I have brewing. I’m going to create a post for each ferment I make over the coming weeks. Anything specific you want to know about ferments as a whole or specific ones?

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