Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

fruit smile

Many of you are very interested in what we eat around here, especially since we have started back on the GAPS Diet.


This is representative of one of our ‘junk food’ days.  Hubby is on an extended business trip, Katie felt like mowing through fruit all day, and I was happy to take a break from cooking!



Jen: elderberry juice with whole food Vitamin C powder
Katie: banana with almond slivers

Mid-morning Meal

Jen: leftover beef stew chunks, 1/2 avocado with olive oil and unrefined salt
Katie: scrambled egg (olive oil, unrefined salt), 1/4 avocado with unrefined salt


Jen: banana, walnuts, pear
Katie: nectarine, 2 hot dogs (GAPS legal), banana

Mid-afternoon Meal

Tuna salad – grated carrots, diced orange bell pepper, diced lacto-fermented pickle, and dressing: olive oil and master tonic


Katie: 1/2 pear, hot dog (I have to note that my little bottomless pit hasn’t stopped eating since the mid-morning meal)

Before Bed Snack (Katie)

Jen: apple with raw almond butter

Katie: 1/2 teaspoon sprouted pumpkin seed butter & ‘fruit salad’ – dried pomegranate seeds, dried goldenberries, freeze-dried mango, freeze-dried bananas

Photo Credit: Nina Matthews Photography

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