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There are so many avenues of healing that it can be overwhelming at times.

I’m now exploring meditation and yoga on a deeper level, the Gerson Therapy, enzyme therapies, alternatives to prescription drugs, and the best detox methods with the most effective combinations. There’s never enough time to scour all of the information and almost every conversation or research period opens up new doors and areas to explore. I’m sure many of you know exactly where I’m coming from! Up next on my to do list is heavy metal toxicity: testing (my own), natural food-based removal methods, and recurrence prevention. I feel that I have gone through enough healing for my body to support such a difficult task as long as I give it the right support.

All of the information and experience I have gathered while following this road to health has been leading me into nutritional counseling. From offering a few tips here and there, it has grown to so much more. As my “patient” base grows, I find new pathways opening up as I research different illnesses, disorders, and diseases. It’s exciting to gain a greater understanding of healing methods and how they pertain to different symptoms and conditions. It has helped us in so many new ways.

What is your most successful method of healing to date or one you are researching now with hope?

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