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It’s been very quiet around here this week! We have been hit with

…dun dun dun…

our first virus of the season. Oh goody goody.

I exposed us during our last homeschool playdate to a particularly nasty virus, and it took hold with me on Sunday (raw milk and cinnamon kept me from getting it before but I was out of milk this time), then Katie joined me on Tuesday.

All in all, we survived it quite well due to healthier immune systems and witch doctor remedies. My adrenal glands took the biggest hit and I was quite tired all week. Right now, I’m trying to get rid of Katie’s cough that cropped up yesterday so it doesn’t turn into bronchitis.

I will have the winter skin balm recipe up in a couple of days so stick around for that. It has been invaluable for preventing sore and chapped noses this week. Perfect for eczema and sensitive, ultra dry, or aging skin, this stuff is amazing. I’m happy to say that after scouring the Internet, I haven’t found another like it.

I’ll be back raring and ready to go next week. Talk to you all soon!

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